12 Living Room Designs Inspired by Zodiac Signs

Express the personality traits of your zodiac sign in your decor with these fresh living room designs.
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November 25, 2014
By: Carrie Sloan and Greg Tufaro

Photo By: EWM Realty International, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Photo By: design by Nicole Sassaman

Photo By: Natalie Umbert


You're into gadgets, and only the latest, greatest and sleekest will do. Consider splurging on a flat-screen TV to save space. An independent Aries needs a sense of freedom, even when it comes to your floor plan; clutter will only leave you feeling fenced in. In fact, your perfect living room will be part romper room, featuring bright accents, a cozy chair to curl up in and supersized throw pillows to relax on the floor. Design by Andreas Charalambous.


With Venus as your ruler, your sense of beauty is beauty. Anything less than pretty leaves you feeling blue. In fact, you view a living room as the heart of the home, a hub through which good energy should flow. Splurge on plenty of fresh flowers; the smell will brighten your day. So will the cushiest couch money can buy — you'll want to melt right into it. But you're also vocally attuned, so don't skimp on the soundtrack, whether it's a grand piano or state-of-the-art speakers wafting soothing tunes.


Your design must-haves? Art that doubles as a conversation piece; canvass galleries or street fairs for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Modern design appeals to you, too. Keep the lines in your living room sleek and linear. Consider adding a circular glass table that acts as a showcase for your favorite vase. Opt for L-shaped couches that serve as the perfect seating for conversational Geminis. Design by Randy Weinstein.


A Cancer's living room is the protective shell in which the whole family likes to gather. Even if you decorate in your sign's favorite colors (the cool turquoise and blues of the ocean), the room will still emit warmth. Devote one wall to a family picture gallery for a personal feel. Design by Linda Woodrum.


First, go commune with the paint chips, until a bright orange or yellow calls your name. Then, make sure your living room includes a regal place to recline. At the end of the day, you want to relax in style, but you also love to entertain — invest in fun board games, and keep your wine rack prominent. Design by Ann Wisniewski.


Make clutter appealing to the eye by stocking up on stylish storage containers. Splurge on matching bookshelves, in which to house all your tomes and hobbies. Use warm woods and neutral hues for a refined country look. Design by Christopher Grubb.


If you hang a floating shelving unit on one side of the room, make sure to balance it with something of equal weight, like a low, mahogany table to display your favorite pictures. And above that, hang a bold piece of modern art for an exquisite look. Design by Christopher Grubb.


An alchemist that you are — ruled by Pluto — your sign is about transformation. You're a natural at spotting a worse-for-wear antique couch at the flea market and reupholstering it into a one-of-a-kind treasure. Lighting matters to you, too. Stained-glass lamps which filter and refract will create a subdued, romantic mood. Design by Douglas Dolezal.


Whether it's framed photos of where you've been, or that pile of pillows from the last souk you traipsed through, invest in an oversized bookshelf to display your prized possessions and volumes. Beyond being a world traveler, you're also a born entertainer. You hate pomp and circumstance, so stow a few beanbag chairs in the closet for when occasion requires. Design by Alia Meyer.


There's nothing soft about your sense of decor. You require a firm couch with armrests, a sturdy oak table and a hearth with a roaring fire. All of this spells home to you. Create a corner office, so you can send off emails in style, and add a few cozy touches, like a thick Oriental rug for that special touch. Design by Judith Balis.


Your living room is a shrine to all your gadgets and gizmos. All the technology, while befuddling to everyone else, actually helps you relax. Consider adding a fountain, or paint your space in a fresh shade of metallic blue that reminds you of outer space — ideal for your inner sanctum. Design by Nicole Sassaman.


Your decor tends toward the whimsical, and you know just what to put where — a fairy garden in the corner and a cashmere throw hanging jauntily off the couch. Just be sure to add structure — shelves, storage units, a table — to all those fun touches, so your clutter will have a place to call home. After all, you hate when anyone (or anything) feels left out. Design by Natalie Umbert.

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