Tumbled Marble Backsplashes

Explore options for tumbled marble backsplashes, and prepare to add a warm, welcoming and attractive backsplash to your home.


By: Sean McEvoy

Tumbled marble backsplashes are a popular choice among homeowners looking to add warmth, light and texture to their kitchen designs.

Sexy Modern Kitchens

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The Key to a Sexy Kitchen

Yeah, that's right, just throw in a few hot men. But these two are more than eye candy, cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri are the handy hotties also known as the Kitchen Cousins. With years of home remodeling experience, Anthony and John can help any kitchen get its groove back. Want to see more? Check out photos of their before-and-after kitchen makeovers.

Light a Fire With Red

No color stirs passion quite like red. The Kitchen Cousins Anthony and John anchored this open white kitchen with a rich, red-upholsterred banquette. A slim lucite table keeps the corner from feeling closed in while the Tom Dixon pendant and Tolix chairs add Modern styling.


With seven kids (that's right, seven!) Bob and Cortney Novogratz know a little something about romance. The husband and wife design team created this bright-and-airy kitchen with plenty of counter space for whipping up meals.

Stress Reduction

Plenty of storage reduces the stress induced by a cluttered kitchen. A large island separates the kitchen prep area from the rest of this open arrangement.

Have Date Night at Home

Designer Candice Olson took her design cues from happening hotspots to create this urban kitchen. A glass-top island is illuminated from within, casting watery blue light around the kitchen. No need to go out for a bite when your kitchen is the coolest club in town.

Lift Moods With a Happy Hue

As the old adage goes, "Happy wife, happy life." Surrounding yourself and your partner with a cheery color is a great way to set the scene for romance.

From: Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri

One Hot Hue

Picking one color and sticking to it can create a positive vibe in a modern kitchen. Red sets a sexy mood without becoming too comfy cozy.

Let Your Love Flow

The flow of the staircase leading up to the second story complements the modern, geometric lines of the cooking space. Rich cherry wood and stainless steel make an interesting partnership.

Open Relationship

Designer Andreas Charalambous opened up this kitchen to be part of the home's living and dining area. Plentiful counter space allows for more than one cook in the kitchen.

Stir Up Some Drama

Matte ebony-stained walnut cabinets give this kitchen, designed by Rebekah Zaveloff, a moody disposition. Creamy granite countertops and a linear tile backsplash lighten the mood.

Fan the Flames

Fiery undertones in the red slate walls and walnut floors give this streamlined kitchen a warm and cozy feel. A fireplace, in the adjacent living room, adds romance and makes this kitchen a natural gathering spot, especially during parties.

Two for Dinner

Industrial meets organic in this minimalist kitchen from Belmont Freeman. Stainless-steel countertops are mixed with wall-high maple cabinets. The large block bar provides plenty of space to prepare a sensuous meal for two.

Red Hot

Adding sensual colors like red and using shiny lacquer on your cabinets creates a space that's both glamorous and sexy.

Throw 'Em A Curve

What could be sexier than curves? Custom-built barstools act as functional sculptures between this open-concept kitchen and living room.

Light Up My Life

The slightly lowered ceiling in this open floor plan partitions the kitchen from the rest of the space. Light-reflecting bamboo floors keep it sunny in the day, while arbitrarily spaced canned lights set the mood at night.

Sense and Sensibility

Designer Christopher J. Grubb relies on modern sensibilities in this small kitchen. The appliances are set right into the woodwork and extra cabinets are found by the bar seating. Shiny ebony wood is mixed with stark-white countertops to create a visually stunning kitchen.

Photo By: Scott Mayoral ©Design by Christopher J. Grubb.

Contemporary Coupling

This sexy space makes the most of the odd architecture of the home. Tiny cabinets above the window allow a little extra space. Positioning the dining table perpendicular to the counter space saves on room.

Visually Stunning

Cherry red cabinets are an unexpected touch in this modern industrial kitchen. Limiting the amount of decor in your modern kitchen allows you to focus on your food and your partner. Bright pops of color add the right amount of visual interest.

Green With Envy

This beautiful kitchen combines modern notions with the graceful elements of nature. Green is used as an accent color in the countertop accessories, chairs and above the sink. Numerous countertops and a large island create mini workstations throughout.

Loft Love

A sexy kitchen isn't always a small, intimate one. Super high ceilings and exposed ductwork are paired with cheery colors and soft lighting in this loft kitchen.

Made through a process of tumbling natural marble to add visually interesting surface imperfections and rough and rustic textures, tumbled marble can be the perfect complement for various kitchen styles, from contemporary to country cozy.

Tumbled marble comes in a variety of styles and colors, from beige and white to dark grays and blacks. Brown, blue, yellow and green tumbled marble backsplashes are quite common, as these earthy tones can often lend warmth and light to kitchen designs. In terms of texture, each piece of tumbled marble is unique and may feature raised imperfections, striations or natural designs that add visual interest. To determine the style and color of tumbled marble that's right for your kitchen, you'll likely want to browse the wide range of options available at most tile specialty stores, home improvement stores, or online marble and tile retailers.

Once you've settled on the style, texture and color of tumbled marble that's right for your kitchen, it's time to determine how much you'll need. Marble in general is a bit more expensive than other common backsplash materials like ceramic tile and glass, so if you're operating on a budget, consider the amount of area you'll cover with your backsplash carefully. Some homeowners choose a bold, countertops-to-ceiling design if they have the wall space to feature it, others cover the entire space between the countertops and cabinets, and still others cover only a portion of this space. Your decision will likely be based on the size of your kitchen space, the type and amount of cooking you do, and the budget you've allocated for the job. Once you've decided on the surface area you want to cover, simply measure and calculate the square footage, and you've determined the amount of tumbled marble tile you'll need.

When the tumbled marble tile is on hand, it's time to install your new backsplash. There are two ways to go about this—the DIY route, which may involve you and any family or friends you can wrangle into helping you—or the hire-a-pro route, which is more costly but also probably more efficient and time saving. Tumbled marble isn't the simplest material to install, as the tiles may require cutting, sizing and configuring in order to fit perfectly; if you're not a home improvement expert or haven't installed a backsplash before, it may be best to hire a professional to install your new backsplash.

8 Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration: Wall-Protection Perfection

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