Tin Backsplashes

Get all the info you'll need on tin backsplashes, and prepare to install a durable and elegant backsplash in your kitchen.
Backsplash with Bronze Leaf Motif

Bronze Leaf Motif Backsplash

Behind a simple kitchen sink faucet, there is a bronze leaf motif backsplash with decorative metal pieces.

By: Sean McEvoy

Tin backsplashes can add elegance and longevity to any kitchen design. Try tin backsplash ideas for a unique visual appeal that can feel equal parts vintage and contemporary.

Gorgeous Kitchen Backsplash Options and Ideas

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Originally, tin tiles were generally only found in the ceilings of vintage homes or those with vintage-inspired designs. They add a beautifully ornate appearance to any design, with intricate, elegant patterning in a multitude of colors. In recent years, tin tiles have begun to show up in more and more kitchen backsplashes, offering the same visual interest, beauty and weight to kitchen design as they do when featured in a room's ceilings.

If you're considering adding a tin backsplash to your kitchen, the first decision you'll have to make is exactly how much tin you'll need. Most kitchen backsplashes are somewhat minimalistic, covering just enough wall surface area to prevent cooking spatter from damaging the walls. However, for more dramatic backsplashes, homeowners may choose to cover three quarters or even the entirely of their kitchen walls with the backsplash. In the case of tin backsplashes, these often offer an opportunity to add visual distinction and appeal to your kitchen design, so ultimately the amount of coverage you opt for will come down to how much the kitchen can handle without feeling overwhelmed by the backsplash. Once you've decided on the scope of the backsplash, simply measure the surface area to determine how much tin tile you'll need to source from your local home improvement store or tile specialty retailer.

When you've settled on how much tin you'll need for your backsplash design, it's time to think about style and color. You'll have a plethora of options for both, from tin tiles that have a high-sheen, almost stainless steel-like appearance to ones with more of a matte finish and less reflective qualities. Additionally, many tin tiles will feature intricate, flowing patterns you can choose from, while others may be shaped into flat or simple geometric shapes. In terms of color, tin tiles run the gamut, and you should have no trouble finding the hue that's right for your kitchen design.

Similarly to stainless steel kitchen backsplashes, tin backsplash designs offer the added benefits of extremely low maintenance and extremely high durability. A tin backsplash that's regularly wiped clean (you'll just need soap and water for the most part) should last the lifetime of the kitchen.

When you've decided on the scope and style of your tin backsplash, it's time to get it up on the wall. Because tin tiles are generally modular and uniform in size, many homeowners find that they can install a tin backsplash by themselves without too much trouble. Others may choose to save the time and effort and hire a contractor to install their tin backsplash.

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