Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Learn how to completely transform an outdated kitchen by simply painting the cabinets.


The casual, comfortable feel of the country kitchen is reflected in this space with the light-but-earthy color and easygoing, open shelves.

The casual, comfortable feel of the country kitchen is reflected in this space with the light-but-earthy color and easygoing, open shelves.

Materials and Tools:

permanent marker
220-grit sandpaper
latex bonding primer
tack cloth or rags
flush spackling compound
paint (Blanched Almond 1060) (Benjamin Moore)


1. Remove the door from the cabinets, and then remove the hinges and door knobs from the doors. Put a number on the top of each cabinet using a marker, and then make a map of the cabinets matching the number of the door to its exact location. If you'll be changing the knobs and drilling new holes, fill the existing hole with flush spackling compound.
2. Sand the entire surface of the cabinet doors and frames, and then remove the dust with a tack cloth or damp rag.
3. Prime each door front. Position one on the edge of a work surface so that two of the edges are hanging over the end. Once the two edges are done, turn the door around and finish the other two. Run your finger along the bottom of the door to remove any paint that has crept underneath. Once the front dries, flip all the doors over and repeat the process for the back. Sand the doors again to smooth out the surface.
4. Paint from the inside out in the same manner as above. Let dry and flip to repeat on the other side. Apply another coat, allowing it to dry completely between layers.
5. Once the doors have been painted, reinstall the hardware and hang each door according to its number.

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