Our Favorite Kitchen Backsplashes From HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine has all the backsplash inspo you've ever wanted, and more.

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Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Lincoln Barbour

Photo By: Lisa Romerein

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Photo By: Dane Tashima

Photo By: Dane Tashima

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Photo By: David A. Land (Styled by Stephanie Hanes)

Photo By: Photo by: David A. Land, styling by: Jennifer Berno

Photo By: Kim Cornelison

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Photo By: Dane Tashima

Photo By: Trevor Dixon (styled by Karin Olsen)

Photo By: Photo by: David A. Land, styling by: Jennifer Berno

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Photo By: David A. Land (styled by Elizabeth Demos)

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Photo By: Lisa Romerein; Styled by Christopher White

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Photo By: Victoria Pearson

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Photo By: David A. Land

Photo By: Stacey Brandford

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Photo By: Alison Gootee

Photo By: Alison Gootee

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Photo By: Stacey Brandford

Photo By: David A. Land

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Photo By: Lisa Romerein (Styled by Heather Bullard)

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Photo By: Lincoln Barbour

Swimmingly Stunning

Rows of scallop tiles in watery hues create a fresh look in designer Michelle Gage’s Villanova, PA, kitchen. “It was inspired by a trip to Hawaii, where my husband and I fell in love with the bright blue water,” says Michelle. Arranging the tiles (from Mercury Mosaics) with darker shades mainly on the bottom and lighter ones on top is reminiscent of receding ocean waves.

An Eclectic Pattern

A mix of terra-cotta tiles (by Tempest Tileworks), some all glazed white and some with a dot or a partial dot, is totally awesome. Although their placement may seem random, designer Max Humphrey planned it all out for his Portland, OR, kitchen. “I arranged the tiles on my floor in sections before the install,” he says. “I like the playful design — a backsplash can have a sense of humor!”

Pink and Yellow

Zigzags of glossy pink tiles are made even more spectacular by yellow grout in this London kitchen. (Fireclay Tile makes a similar version; the grout is by Mapei.) “The contrast accentuates the herringbone pattern and picks up the room’s yellow touches,” says architect Catrina Stewart. Tinted grout comes in a range of colors. “White tile and blue grout is also a great combo,” she says.

Make It Metallic

Stacked copper tiles (from TileBar) installed counter to ceiling make a statement in kitchens of any style. They glam-ified this modern one but can also jazz up a more traditional space. “Copper tiles shine like a disco ball, in a good way,” says designer Tiffany Brooks, who created this room for the HGTV Smart Home 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ. “I liked the look so much, I did copper pulls to match.”

Blue, White and Vintage

White-washed tiles are anything but boring when paired with a baby blue stove.

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Marvelously Marble

We're still in awe over this Calacatta marble backsplash.

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Nothing But Neutral

These neutral tiles are the perfect backdrop for colorful shelving accessories.

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Stand-Out Sealer

Orange grout sealer highlights the lantern-like shape of these beautiful white tiles.

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Coming Into Color

These homeowners had second thoughts about this awesome rainbow backsplash, but in the end, the big windows balanced it all out.

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A Classic Combo

Extra-long subway tile compliments this kitchen's open shelving.

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Cuban Influences

These handmade cement tiles have all the graphic pow of wallpaper but are wipe-clean practical.

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Nice and Navy

The homeowner may have opted to keep this kitchen's original navy backsplash for budget reasons, but we think the contrast is perfect!

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A Concrete Pairing

These homeowners opted to match concrete countertops with a neutral backsplash, and the results are stunning.

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Perfectly Patterned

The subtle pattern on this backsplash goes great with those deep green cabinets.

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Pops of Red

A white backsplash complimented the black and red accents in this kitchen.

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White All Around

Open shelving, white appliances and shiplap create the perfect coven for an off-white backsplash.

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Modern Meets Traditional

Every traditional kitchen needs a modern twist, and in this case it's a colorful backsplash.

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The Super Backsplash

This dual basin sink doubles as a baby bathtub, so an extra sturdy backsplash was needed.

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All Dressed Up

This simple backsplash creates a safe haven for accessories.

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The Golden Touch

Gold accents give this marble backsplash a shimmering pop!

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A Brick Backdrop

This brick backsplash was added to hide a protruding drainpipe, but we're in love with the results.

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Old and New

The existing white cabinets, subway tile and gray quartz counters got a reno-free pick-me-up with mint green stools.

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Richly Colored

This seamless pattern makes for an exotic backsplash.

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A Juicy Backsplash

Yellow tiles provide a sunny backdrop for this new-and-improved juicing station.

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Happily Herringbone

This backsplash, and that artwork, make for a stunning stove area.

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A Beach House Backsplash

Orange you glad this kitchen backsplash is simple enough to support a vibrant accent wall?

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Breathing Room

Open shelving and a beige backsplash give this stove area an airy feel.

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Break It Up

These homeowners opted to add in a narrow black band to break up their white wash backsplash.

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All About Contrast

The designer opted for extra-large white subway tiles with skinny black accent tiles, and we're loving the results!

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Bold and Bright

This grab-the-sunglasses yellow backsplash can happy up any kitchen.

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A High-Tech Backsplash

We love the practicality of this backsplash-turned-exhaust fan look.

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Retro Chic

A white backsplash allows for bold decor in this '50s inspired kitchen.

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A Bubbly Backsplash

This homeowner went with mosaic marble tiles to compliment two rows of cabinets!

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Personality Pops

A 32-inch-by-46-inch window is surrounded by a patchwork of 8-inch-square cement tiles.

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Tile Everywhere

This designer considered using multi-colored tile, but went with blue and white so she could play with other colors elsewhere.

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Subtly Seafoam

The pale bluish-green backsplash is made of 2-by-4-inch tiles.

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A Cheery Backsplash

This homeowner went with chartreuse glass tiles for the backsplash, and we love the retro result!

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A Personal Touch

We can't get enough of the black grout used to show off the uneven edges on these handmade tiles.

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A Beveled Backsplash

Beveled edged subway tiles give this white backsplash some character.

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Sleek and Clean

This homeowner chose white glazed mosaic tiles for her backsplash reno.

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A Recycled Range

This cozy backsplash adds to the kitchen's vintage feel.

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