NKBA Kitchen Trend: Storage Pull-Outs

Today's kitchens are equipped with built-in storage solutions for food, cookware and more to maximize space and functionality.

Photo By: Mike Tuell; Design by Tom Lutz

Photo By: Mike Tuell; Design by Tom Lutz

Photo By: Mike Tuell; Design by Tom Lutz

Photo By: Mike Tuell; Design by Tom Lutz

Photo By: Dale Lang

Photo By: Craig Thompson

Photo By: Craig Thompson

Photo By: Craig Thompson

Smart Storage for Pots + Pans

More and more homeowners are opting for deep storage drawers in their kitchens rather than base cabinets; heavy pots and pans are much easier to access when they’re stored in drawers. Here, metal dividers keep cookware and lids separate.

Slide-Out Baskets

Pull-out baskets are the perfect spot to store potatoes and onions in this kitchen. The cabinets in this space were designed to be deeper than industry standards to maximize storage capacity, increase countertop depth area and accommodate all of the deluxe pull-outs and cabinet organization products.

Maximizing Space

A slim storage pull-out can make the most of often-underused space in the kitchen. Here, knives and cooking utensils are corralled conveniently near the stove.

Put Top Shelves in Reach

Can’t reach the items you’ve stored in your upper kitchen cabinets? A pull-down shelf is the perfect solution; in this space, it makes coffee and tea supplies easily accessible.

Beverage Center

In this contemporary kitchen, a beverage center houses double ovens, liquor storage, a second sink and a pull-out coffee service located behind the lift-up appliance garage. When the coffee supplies are not in use, the door keeps them neatly concealed.

Storage-Stocked Island

Behind its sleek, glossy façade, this kitchen island conceals tons of hidden storage. Multiple pull-outs offer spots to store dish towels, trash cans and more. Book-matched slabs of exotic granite were used to create a seamless-looking waterfall countertop.

Plenty of Pull-Outs

A roll-out drawer under the sink is the perfect spot to stash cleaning supplies, while a slim pull-out cabinet holds plastic wrap and aluminum foil. When closed, the dishwasher is concealed with the same sleek finish as the rest of the island. 

Sleek Storage Wall

In this kitchen, a wall of cabinets conceals customized storage pull-outs, a refrigerator, a warming drawer, a wet bar and an oven. When closed, the high-gloss doors lend a sleek, contemporary look to the space.

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