10 Essentials for the Millennial Kitchen

From small space-friendly tools to staples you'll use for years to come, every adult kitchen needs these basic items. Once you use these items, you will wonder how you've gone so long without them.

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October 02, 2019

Not Your Parents' Non-Stick

There are a ton of non-stick skillets on the market and many of them are awful. Some of them are great, but only at first. Honestly, we probably would have left the non-stick pan off this list if not for the GreenPan. With its durable, oven-safe ceramic and riveted stainless-steel handle, this is no ordinary non-stick pan.

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Cast-Iron Cooking

If the thought of cast-iron cookware scares you, let us convince you otherwise. Sure, cleaning and seasoning it might take a little extra work, but we have a great video that is sure to make you a pro. A seasoned cast-iron skillet will revolutionize the way you make everything from pound cake to filet mignon. This top-rated cast-iron skillet has more than 14,000 reviews and is Amazon's top choice.

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Measure Up

Plastic isn’t always the best choice for the kitchen, but this measuring cup is a game-changer. The handle is firm and balanced meaning pouring large amounts of liquid is a breeze and accidental dropping is a thing of the past. And if you do drop it, you don't have to worry about glass flying across the floor. Our favorite feature, however, is the measurements that are viewable from above which means no more awkward squatting to see the lines.

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Quality + Quantity

You probably already have a French press. You may even have a Chemex. Odds are, you don’t have a coffeemaker and we don’t blame you. Most coffee makers are junky plastic eyesores that make really bad coffee. This coffeemaker, though plastic, comes in a beautiful matte-black finish. Its showerhead brews a full pot much like a pour-over and the mesh cone filter means you never have to spend a dime on filters again.

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The Great Millennial Bake Off

We know, this may seem a little obvious, but there is always that one tool you can never remember you need — a baking sheet. Bigger isn't always better, but when it comes to baking sheets, if you can store it, you should go for a larger one. Desserts, one-pan meals and late-night cookies are all made possible thanks to the oft-forgotten, rarely-replaced sheet pan. You can't go wrong with this number one best-selling pan on Amazon from Nordic Ware.

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Up Your Knife Game

Ah, the chef's knife. There is a lot of stock in the magic of the chef's knife. Truthfully, most (if not all) of the gimmicky one-use items in your parents’ kitchen could be replaced with a high-quality chef’s knife. Made in Spain, this top-rated Zwilling J.A. Henckels chef's knife has an eight-inch stainless steel blade and an ergonomic handle with a full tang. (It's one of the items in the J.A Henckels International Classic Cutlery Collection pictured here.)

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Nesting Bowls

Seeing as you probably don't have an exorbitant amount of unused storage space in your kitchen, nesting bowls are about to be your best friend. Glass mixing bowls are truly the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They're used when cooking, baking and can even double as a serving dish. You can't afford not to have these in your kitchen gadget tool belt.

Buy It: Amazon, $28 (Originally $38.99) (Set of 9)

Racks on Racks on Racks

Cooling racks are one of those awkward kitchen tools that take up a lot of space but don't have much actual cooling space. If you’re working with limited counter space, they just don’t cut it. Don’t worry, we have a solution. This three-tier cooling rack allows you to triple your cooling space without a bigger footprint. The magic doesn’t stop there. When you’re done, it folds flat so storage is a breeze.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.21 (Originally $19.99)

Throw a Lid On It

A lid may sound like the lamest tool on this list, but by the end of this, you may feel the opposite. First of all, this lid is made of silicone meaning it stands up to intense heat while cooking. Once your food is done, store it in the fridge with a handy silicone lid. Better yet, save food for later in the freezer all with the same lid! Plus, silicone is BPA-free, easily wipes clean and is dishwasher safe, leaving you plenty of time to perfect your cast-iron skills.

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Charcuterie Dreams

There's nothing more quintessential to your kitchen than a practical, but pretty, charcuterie board. Not only will this board bring out your inner charcuterie fiend, but it also doubles as an ultra-useful cutting board for any day of the week. With existing grooves, you won't be second-guessing where to place your crackers, cheese and meats. Trust us, you need this multi-use cutting board in your life ASAP.

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