Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Get inspiration from these kitchen backsplash design ideas, and get ready to install an eye-catching and useful backsplash in your kitchen.


By: Sean McEvoy

If you're installing a new kitchen backsplash or updating an existing one, you'll want to equip yourself with the info to make an educated style choice. That starts with exploring the full range of kitchen backsplash design ideas.

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One of the first decisions related to your kitchen backsplash design will be scope—just how much backsplash do you need? For some kitchens, especially smaller ones, a few tiles extending up from the countertops and ringing the room can be plenty; anything more extensive might run the risk of overwhelming the space. For larger kitchens, countertop-to-ceiling backsplashes aren't entirely uncommon, as grander executions like this can optimize the use of available space and create a dramatic effect or build on an existing theme.

Once you've decided on how much backsplash you want to feature in your kitchen, it's time to think about style. Your choices in terms of materials, colors and layout are just about infinite, with a wide range of aesthetic, quality and price options. Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchen backsplash designs because it's widely available and comes in an almost infinite variety of styles and colors. Perhaps most importantly, ceramic tile can be cleaned fairly easily (the "splash" in backsplash is there for good reason). Within the range of ceramic tile choices, you'll find simple high-gloss "subway tile" styles in every color of the rainbow, all the way through to elaborate designs and patterns that can give your kitchen a tremendous amount of visual flair.

If you're looking for a more high-end design than ceramic tile can provide, you may want to consider granite tile. Popular for kitchen countertops and floors, granite tile is also often employed in backsplash design, providing an elegant and durable option for those in search of a long-lasting, top-of-the-line look. As with ceramic tile, granite backsplash tile will be available in a wide range of colors and textures from slate-like matte finishes to rough-hewn, pebbled styles. Colors choices abound as well, and many granite retailers can source or even dye their products to your specifications if you don't see the hue you're looking for in the showroom.

Another option for kitchen backsplash designs is glass tile. This can add a bright, elegant and colorful style to your kitchen, depending on the type of glass tile you choose. There are many styles to peruse, from transparent to colored and patterned.

Copper backsplashes have become more common in recent years, offering a long-lasting, visually appealing choice for anyone looking to install or update a kitchen backsplash. These have the added benefit of evolving over time—as the copper is exposed to air and moisture, its color will deepen and change, often lending a beautiful, worn and weathered look to the backsplash.

When you've decided on the scope and materials for your backsplash, it's time to think about the style. If your kitchen is a hyper-modern affair boasting stainless steel appliances and angular, monochrome cabinets, you'll have an opportunity to add some color, patterning and visual excitement to what might otherwise be a minimalist design via your backsplash. Alternatively, you may choose to stick with the sleek, modern feel with simple white subway tile or large, slate-like granite pieces. On the other hand, if your kitchen has more of a traditional or country feel, with lots of detailed wood cabinetry and a cozy design, you may want to consider tile that reflects the overall aesthetic and incorporates whimsical designs or traditional colors and patterns.

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