It's Easier Being Green

These homeowners have renovated almost every room in their home except their very 1970s kitchen. They've called in designer Constance Ramos to help.

Before: Groovy Green

From the green linoleum and avocado laminate countertops to the rundown cupboards, this kitchen needs an update. The homeowners have purchased new appliances, but they get lost in the sea of green. They call in designer Constance Ramos and her Color Correction team to help.

After: Contemporary Jade

Instead of the sickly old shade, the design team uses a more modern jade tone that goes better with the new appliances. They give the old cabinet doors a sculpted look with a router and replace the old countertops with granite to balance out the new green.

Before: Pale Cabinets

The homeowners do love green, but not the avocado of this space. In addition, the pale color of the cabinets reflects the out-of-fashion green.

After: Colorful Atmosphere

The cabinet doors are given new silver pulls, which serves as a contrast against the darker colors in the room. A mosaic tray, combining all the new colors of the palette, is a nice accent for the kitchen.

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