Innovative Solutions for Small Kitchens

As more and more people are converting to a downsized lifestyle, efficient solutions for small spaces are key. Here are 10 innovative ways to make the most of your small kitchen.
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January 15, 2015

Photo By: Rachael Franceschina

Add a Splash of Color

Small kitchens are prone to looking cluttered, even with very little covering the counters. Adding a bright splash of color to the walls or cabinets, as the Kitchen Cousins did here, moves attention away from the countertops and to the eye-catching accent instead.

Create Visual Interest

Just because a kitchen is petite, doesn't mean it can't have pizzazz! Make the room more exciting by integrating vibrant accessories, like the coral bird cages in this teal kitchen. Go for pieces you can hang up rather than place on the counter. This will add visual interest to the room without taking up precious space.

Use Appliances as Decor

To maximize the space in your kitchen, consider choosing design elements that are multifunctional. This stylish chandelier from the BEST Sorpresa Collection, for example, is also a functional range hood. Image courtesy of BEST Appliances

Keep it Clean

Another way to use color to your advantage is to remove it entirely. By maintaining a clean, white palette in your kitchen, it keeps the room feeling open and airy. Plus, the monochromatic scheme naturally causes the eye to travel around the room, giving the sense of more space. Design by Rachael Franceschina

Miniaturize Appliances

If you're really looking to conserve space, check out downsized appliances like the GE micro-kitchen, expected to be in production later this year. This compact unit can house an array of scaled-down appliances, including an oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and more. Image courtesy of GE Appliances

Re-Focus Attention

If your kitchen is tiny but lucky enough to have high ceilings, use this feature to make the room feel bigger. Place accessories, like the geometric mirror in this kitchen, as high as possible. For storage, hang your pots and pans on wall hooks and use tall, open shelves for dry goods. All of this will help draw attention upward, and give the illusion of additional square footage.

Minimize Space, Maximize Efficiency

You don't have to sacrifice luxury and style to save space. Choose appliances like the DACOR Renaissance Induction Stovetop — the flat design and retractable vent help maintain a sleek and streamlined look in your kitchen. In addition to looking stylish, the stovetop cooks with over 90 percent efficiency. Image courtesy of DACOR

Pick a Wall

Especially in an open loft, a great kitchen space-saving strategy is to simply pick a wall. In this layout, arranged by BEST Appliances, all features and appliances are lined up against one wall to maximize room for other living spaces. Bonus: integrating a stylish range hood, like this curved model from BEST's Sorpresa Collection, adds a decorative statement to the simple space. Image courtesy of BEST Appliances

Collect Cabinetry

In an undersized kitchen, storage can be hard to come by. Try to integrate as much cabinetry and shelving a possible by taking advantage of wall space. By choosing cabinets that are a clean, neutral hue, excess cabinetry won't feel overwhelming. After all, the goal is to conceal clutter, not create it. Design by HGTV fan Felt So Cute

Let the Light In

One of the best ways to make your kitchen feels more spacious is by making sure it's well-lit. Avoid dark draperies that will block out natural sunlight and choose plenty of stylish overhead lighting to keep the room feeling bright and open at any hour. Image courtesy of Hinkley Lighting

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