How to Remove Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures

Tips on how to carefully uninstall and remove kitchen appliances and fixtures.

You can save money on your kitchen remodel by removing the appliances and fixtures yourself. If you are reusing your appliances, store them in an indoor, out-of-the-way location during your remodel. If you plan on donating your old appliances, many charities will gladly come pick them for you as long as you uninstall them.


  • Turn off the electricity at circuit box before you begin. Place a piece of tape over the breaker switch to ensure no one turns it on while you're working.
  • Turn off the water below the sink or turn off the water to the whole house.
  • Call a professional if you have any questions about disconnecting plumbing and gas lines.
  • Use an appliance dolly or air lifter pad to remove the heavy appliances. These can be rented at most rental centers or home improvement stores.

    Garbage Disposal:

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  • To remove the garbage disposal, use channel lock pliers to loosen the compression nut on the garbage disposal. Once you remove the retaining ring, the disposal will fall, so have someone hold onto it so it won't drop.


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  • Use a utility knife to cut the silicone bead around the sink that seals the sink to the counter.
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  • Pry bars, a hammer and pressure will lift the sink out of the cabinet.
  • Use pieces of 2x4 to act as fulcrums to support the sink until you are ready to lift it out.

    Countertops, Cabinets and Backsplashes:

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  • Use a pry bar and hammer on the backsplash and counters. Tiles can often be reused, if you keep them in whole pieces, you may be able to donate them to charity.
  • If the old countertop can not be reused, a reciprocating saw will help you cut it down for easy disposal.
  • If you are reusing your cabinets or plan on donating them, be sure to label all doors and drawers if you are removing them. This will make them easier when it come time to put them back together.

    Hood Vent:

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  • To remove a hood vent, remove the screws holding it in place. Unhook the electrical connections and if necessary, remove the cabinet where the stove vent was located. Loosen the cabinet with pry bars and carefully take the cabinet down.

    Gas Appliances:

  • If you have gas appliances, be sure to turn off the gas valve before you remove the appliances. The valve may be behind the appliance. Don't pull the appliance out too quickly, you don't want to yank the hose out of the valve. Carefully jimmy out the appliance until you can reach the valve. Then during your remodel, make sure to have the gas valve placed inside a nearby cabinet so you'll have easy access.


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  • Make sure the electricity is shut off at the breaker and and turn off the water under the sink.
  • Take off the front cover at the bottom of the dishwasher to expose the wiring. Use a voltage meter to test the wires at the dishwasher to ensure the power is still off. Remove the electrical box from the unit. Unscrew the wire nuts and pull apart the wires. Start with the green wires, white and then black.
  • Disconnect the drain line from the dishwasher and the water supply line from the dedicated dishwasher stop.
  • Open the door to the dishwasher, then remove the screws secured to the underside of the countertop. Raise the legs using a wrench. Slowly pull out the dishwasher ensuring the wires are out of the way. Also, the drain line should come out with the dishwasher from under the sink. Tip: Place a drop cloth or piece of cardboard in front of the dishwasher to prevent scratches on the floor.
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