How to Install a New Dishwasher

If you need to replace your dishwasher, you can save money by installing the new one yourself.

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Installing a dishwasher can be a DIY project that cleans up when it comes to savings.

Installing a dishwasher can be a DIY project that cleans up when it comes to savings.

If you follow directions correctly, installing a dishwasher is a task you can handle. Measure the existing dishwasher and buy a new one of the same size. If you have the old dishwasher out when the delivery people drop off the new unit, they might take the old one away for you.

Materials and Tools:

drill with Phillips driver bit
Phillips-head screwdriver
slip-joint pliers
needle-nose pliers
adjustable wrench


Remove the old dishwasher

1. Shut off the water at the closest valve and turn off the power for the dishwasher at the circuit breaker box.

2. Remove the attaching screws at the top of the dishwasher counter flange.

3. Remove the retaining screws and take off the bottom cover.

4. Open the electrical box to confirm that the current has been turned off. Attach the black multimeter contact to the ground, and then touch the red contact to the black wire and the white wire.

5. Remove the wires from the terminal screws. Attach wire nuts to the ends of the wires and tuck them out of the way.

6. Locate the water supply under the washer. Remove the nut and disconnect the water line. Then bend the water line out of the way.

7. Disconnect the dishwasher drain hose from beneath the sink by loosening the clamp and removing the hose.

8. Make sure no other attachments are holding the dishwasher in place. Then place a blanket in front of the dishwasher and slowly work the dishwasher out of the cabinet and onto the blanket. If any water spills out, just wipe it up with a towel. With the dishwasher removed, you may want to clean the area behind it.

Install the new dishwasher

1. Place the new washer on its back and connect the drain hose with a compression clamp.

2. Wrap Teflon tape around the water line connection and attach the dishwasher 90 (the 90-degree brass fitting for connecting the water line).

3. Set the dishwasher upright, thread the water line under the sink and attach it to the hot water valve.

4. Get an assistant to help slide the drain hose under the sink and into position as you slide the unit into place.

5. Underneath the dishwasher, connect the water line to the dishwasher 90.

6. Slide the electrical cable through the retaining sleeve on the dishwasher and tighten the sleeve to prevent the cable from being pulled out. Connect the ground wire to the green screw, then attach the wires by connecting white to white and black to black. Secure the connections with wire nuts.

7. Attach the new drain hose where the old one was attached.

8. Open the hot water valve to fill the water line and test for leaks.

9. Raise and level the dishwasher by adjusting the dishwasher legs. Attach the dishwasher to the countertop by driving small screws through the flange. Install the bottom cover, then tighten the cover screws.

10. Turn on the power and test the dishwasher by running it and checking for leaks.

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