Deserving Designs From Design Star 3

In Design Star 2008, Matt and Jennifer head to New Orleans to make over a kitchen, living room and dining room for two deserving families.

Create a Color Plan

Matt skillfully takes on the challenge of these three rooms by developing a master plan that implements a unique color story for each space, allowing for differing experiences that also happen to work under an overall color statement. By primarily focusing on warm neutrals, soft blues and warm reds, Matt gives this home a livable, contemporary edge that the homeowners want, while also showcasing his architectural nature.

Don't Be Too Minimal

A few more finishing touches in all three of the spaces would have given the transformation a warmer and more polished appearance. This is especially true in the kitchen transformation, which is a significant improvement from the starting point, but seems a little on the empty side. Matt is clearly a proponent of the "less is more" philosophy which demands that every last thing be executed with precision and, for the most part, these transformations are very well done. Missing blinds in the dining room and the lack of softness evidenced by missing organic elements like flowers, fruit and plants keep these spaces from seeming totally complete.

Choose Signature Items

Great signature elements are Matt's strengths. The dramatic dining room is capped off with a very unique crystal light fixture that illuminates while seeming like a piece of floating art. Custom artwork, a bold and unusual square table and warm wood floors make this space simultaneously familiar and innovative. Although the white dining chairs are beautiful, they don't seem completely practical. Overall, however, all three of these rooms are an enormous improvement and showcase Matt's tremendous talent and innovative architectural perspective.

Connect Your Rooms

These three rooms make big statements with just a few key moves implemented in exactly the right way. Jenn smartly adds architectural detail throughout her living and dining rooms by painting sophisticated horizontal stripes in two neutral shades that visually link both spaces. Inspired by the contemporary light fixture the homeowners wanted to keep, Jenn selects clean-lined pieces of furniture that add bright pop and easy function. In the dining room, a large white dining table adds a crispness to balance the warmth of her colors, while in the living room, a large and plush sectional offers plenty of comfortable seating. A rug underneath the sofa to soften and finish off the living space would have taken the space a step further and a secondary glass table and chair set, steps away from the dining table, seems redundant in a small home.

Be Functional

With the home somewhat limited in size, it would have been nice to have seen another function in the space such as a library, reading space or game area. The fireplace transformation, however, is a huge success and a beautiful focal point. Using a running bond for her tile installation, Jenn adds another sophisticated and warm texture to build on the warm wood floor that she has had installed.

Go Bold to Make a Statement

The biggest highlight of this transformation is the kitchen makeover. Bright, beautiful and very bold kitchen cabinets in a suitable fire-engine red are an art statement on their own. Working hand in hand with the stainless steel appliances, Jenn's red cabinets make this kitchen an exciting and dynamic fire engine that you can cook in. Without a doubt, Jenn demonstrates that she is a real design talent with a bold and fresh perspective!

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