Clever Kitchen Ideas: Photo Gallery

Display photos in your kitchen with this simple gallery involving chain and interchangeable photo frames.
By: Heidi Karpa


This simple photo gallery is easy to update with new pictures.

This simple photo gallery is easy to update with new pictures.

Materials and Tools:

towel bar
decorative chain
metal rings (keychain rings)
picture frames
measuring tape
paper and pencil
masking tape
drill bits
wall anchors


1. Using a measuring tape, outline the wall area where your photo gallery will be installed. Keep in mind you don't want to cover electrical outlets, light switches or phone jacks. This step may seem obvious, but it's often overlooked.

2. Use masking tape to mark your overall outline directly on the wall.

3. With paper and pencil, make a quick drawing of how you want your photo gallery to look. You'll need to know towel bar placement, lengths of chain needed, how many photos to display and desired size of picture frames. Tip: Keep in mind if there are any small children in your household. We shortened the overall length of our picture gallery to keep photos safely away from small hands.

4. Before you purchase anything, measure exactly how many pieces of chain you'll need and at what lengths. Buy extra metal rings just to be on the safe side.



Sandwich frames come with hanging clips, perfect for this project.

Sandwich frames come with hanging clips, perfect for this project.

5. At your local home or hardware store select your towel bar and picture frames. Get these items first. We used sandwich frames because they already come with clips to attach the metal rings. Helpful hint: Using key chain rings makes attaching pictures to the towel bar and chain links easy.

6. Purchase your metal rings and decorative metal chain. Tip: Have your lengths of metal chain cut in the store. Most hardware stores have this ability. Always remember to keep your metal tones the same and consistent with your kitchen.

7. Lay your materials in order on the floor or a tabletop in your kitchen: towel bar, metal ring, chain, metal ring, frame, metal ring, chain, etc. This will make the actual installation a breeze.



Attach the chain to the towel bar and onto the frame's clip.

Attach the chain to the towel bar and onto the frame's clip.

8. The towel bar is installed with the initial rings and chains attached. Attach the rings now.

9. Place your pictures inside the picture frames.



Firmly press the towel bar onto the wall and attach with screws.

Firmly press the towel bar onto the wall and attach with screws.

10. Install the towel bar securely to the wall following the enclosed instructions. Remember, the initial rings and metal chain are already attached.

11. Attach the remaining rings and picture frames until your unit is complete. This process moves very quickly.

Variations: Don't have a large open wall but like this idea? Install towel bars underneath your kitchen cabinets to make a backsplash photo gallery. Or install them like a border just underneath the ceiling line. This idea can be adapted in several different ways and will create more visual interest in your kitchen.

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