Breeze Through Food Prep With These Clever Kitchen Tools

Simplify the meal-prep process with our list of smart and affordable kitchen gadgets.

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May 24, 2019

Avoquado 4-in-1 Tool

This four-in-one tool makes whipping up avocado toast a breeze. Use the safety blade to safely cut through the thick peel and slice, cube and dice the avocado. The innovative pitting tool makes the cumbersome pitting process quick and easy. The patented flexible scoop fits all sizes and shapes of avocado, leaving no waste behind.

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Garlic Chopper

This small but mighty gadget allows you to mince garlic to your desired texture without dirtying cutting boards or knives. Load the chamber with garlic, roll the unit back and forth on a smooth surface, and let the interior blades take over.

Buy It: Amazon, $8.47

Strawberry Slicer

Quickly and safely slice whole strawberries at once with this hand-held kitchen tool. Insert a strawberry into the device, then squeeze for perfect slices to top your salad and yogurt.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.95

Peach Pitter

This simple but clever gadget will have you splitting and pitting photo-worthy peach halves in no time. It's perfect for prepping free-stone fruit for pies, cobblers, crumbles and salads.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.99

Vegetable Slicing Tool

This multi-use kitchen gadget allows you to chop uniform slices of onion with ultra-sharp stainless-steel prongs that pierce and hold even the hardest vegetables. You can also use it to help slice tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and more.

Buy It: Amazon, $12.95

Watermelon Slicer

Perfect for picnics and parties, this watermelon tool cubes and slices melons safely without a knife. Make perpendicular cuts to create those perfect watermelon cubes. Grab slices and cubes out with the tong end of the tool.

Buy It: Amazon, $9.99

Garlic Peeler

Peeling garlic is fast, neat and easy with this cleverly designed tool. Simply place up to three cloves inside the flexible silicone tool and roll it on a flat surface. In seconds, the peels separate from the cloves and all the juices stay contained.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $7.95

Rotary Cheese Grater

Grating hard cheese like parmesan and romano is fast with the rotary cheese grater. It features an innovative open design that lets you see exactly what you're grating, so you can add more cheese as needed.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $19.95

Pineapple Peeler

Enjoy your favorite fruit in less than 30 seconds! This sleek tool effortlessly peels, core and slices an entire pineapple into perfectly-shaped rings while retaining all the juice with minimal waste.

Buy It: Amazon, $6.99


This ingenious cutter allows for effortless, no mess, one-handed grapefruit sectioning in seconds, cutting down the hassle normally associated with portioning the citrus fruit. To use, simply insert the tool into a halved grapefruit and squeeze, release or remove the grapefruit, section and enjoy. It's usable with any size grapefruit and makes quick work of cutting your favorite bittersweet citrus snack.

Buy It: Amazon, $9.99

Strawberry Huller

This tiny gadget hulls strawberries and other soft fruits and vegetables in seconds. Simply insert the stainless steel claw, push gently, then twist out the strawberry stem for fillings and more.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.95

Citrus Juicer

The LemonDrop is a sweet, little gadget that gets all the juice you could need for salads, baking and more. As an added bonus, it can be stored upright in the fridge with the lemon on top.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.99

Cauliflower Chopper

Powerful yet simple, this cauliflower tool makes wrangling the tough vegetable surprisingly quick and easy. This handy gadget takes the hard work out of separating florets from stalk so your cauliflower and broccoli can go from vegetable drawer to dinner plate in a flash.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.99

Corn Stripper

With a simple twist, this baby strips kernels off corn cobs, making your next summer salad or salsa super fast and easy.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.99

Pepper Corer

Your hands will never have to touch a spicy pepper again. Minimize irritation and get the job done quickly with this serrated-edge slicer that works on more than just peppers; it's also the perfect tool for coring cucumbers tomatoes and apples.

Buy It: Amazon, $6.99

Apple Corer

Core apples and pears in a snap! Simply insert the tool into the fruit, pull out the core and press the lever for easy core disposal. It even works on apples with a firmer flesh, like Granny Smiths.

Buy It: Amazon, $9.25

Egg Slicer

Need a simple solution for quickly slicing hard-boiled eggs? This no-fuss slicer yields perfect slices with one press.

Buy It: Amazon, $9.99

Avocado Slicer

Split, pit slice and scoop avocados safely with this three-in-one tool. The stainless-steel center removes the pit with one quick twist. You can even use the fan blade to cut your fruit into seven perfect pieces.

Buy It: Amazon, $10

Kiwi Peeler

Tired of struggling to peel kiwis? This sturdy, two-in-one tool perfectly peels and quarters kiwis with one smooth motion.

Buy It: Amazon, $5.99

Herb Stripper

Strip and collect fresh herbs from their woody stems with an herb stripper. Insert the stem into the desired hole, root side first, and pull the herb through. It's as easy as that.

Buy It: Amazon, $8

Handheld Spiralizer

Create curly noodles from zucchinis, cucumbers and other long vegetables for pasta-like dishes, salads and garnishes. The open-blade design also accommodates round vegetables like potatoes and beets for curly fries, frittatas and more.

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