A New Tuscan-Inspired Dream Kitchen

Designer Vern Yip gives a family a new Tuscan-inspired dream kitchen and living room.

Before: An Empty Shell

A serious mold and rot problem decimated the home’s original cooking space. The structure was rebuilt; appliances and wire shelving were all that remained of the original kitchen.

After: Modern Tuscan Kitchen

Wood-style laminate floors extend from the kitchen into the living room. A dry-paint method creates a patterned look on walls. The new cabinets and island are surfaced with butcher-block countertops. Wrought-iron lighting hung over the island and kitchen table lend to the modern, Tuscan look.

Before: No Furniture

The homeowners filled several dumpsters with rotten wood and discarded all living room furniture. The room was completely rebuilt and the family was left with a TV, a borrowed sofa and makeshift window treatments.

After: Inviting Family Room

The family now has a comfortable space where they can relax and spend time together. Practical, kid-friendly materials are used throughout the room. The round side tables have stone tops and the new sofa, chairs and storage ottomans are all covered with washable slipcovers. The glass-front cabinets open up the space by adding more light and reflectivity. The focal point of the room is the wine bottle painting hung over the TV. The painting was one of the few things the homeowners were able to save from their disaster.

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