Whimsical Bedrooms for Toddlers

Your little one is moving up into a big kid's room. Follow our decorating tips to create a playful and functional room for your toddler.
By: Chelsey Bowen and Briana Mowrey
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Photo By: HGTV fan jak1975

Magical Canopy

Make a "big-kid" bed feel even more special with a dreamy canopy overhang. When your child outgrows the toddler bed, you can keep the canopy in place to drape over the next frame, or simply remove it from the ceiling. Photo courtesy of live from IKEA FAMILY

Cute Customizations

A toddler room is transitional, so you don't want to spend a lot of money updating the space. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn updated a basic tot bed with a sprayed paint finish to add some color and decked the walls with photos of beloved stuffed animals.

Handy Storage

Make sure shelves in the room are within your toddler's reach. She'll be able to access her toys and books for playtime, but it also allows her to help with cleanup. Design by RMSer lauren226.

A Tiny Retreat

Now that your baby is a little older, she'll want a space that's all her own. Transform a corner of the room into a reading nook, art studio or playroom. For this girl's room, RMSer gogirlgo creates an adorable dress-up area in the closet that's completely kid-sized.

Sweet Not Fussy

It's easy to get carried away with chintz in a little girl's room. Instead of using girly fabrics as the bed cover or window treatments, incorporate patterns in small doses, such as on a kid-sized chair, pillows or even vintage hat boxes. Design by RMSer lolabboutique.

Hidden Organization

Take advantage of every nook and cranny in your kid's room. Stash toys, art supplies and stuffed animals in bins under the bed. Design by RMSer 9030young-boys.

Petite Furniture

Build your child's sense of independence with pint-size furniture that's a perfect fit. Design by RMSer lovetodecorate16.

Creativity Reigns

The best thing about kids' rooms is you can be as imaginative and original as you want. Whether your son (or daughter) wants to be a cowboy, pirate or sports star, incorporate his or her passion in the space. Design by RMSer chelly32.

Practical Furnishings

Whether tight on space or if you just want a more functional space, a trundle bed is the perfect solution. Your toddler still gets a big-kid bed and a trundle can double as seating during the day. Plus, it's handy for sleepovers in the future. Design by RMSer 11051402.

Safety First

Secure heavy pieces of furniture to the wall with anti-tip furniture straps in case your little one decides to start climbing. Design by RMSer jak1975.

Protect the Little One

It's time to move up into a big girl bed, but maybe not without a little security. Look for bed rails that match the style of the furniture to keep the design cohesive. Design by RMSer LoveMyGirlRylin.

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