11 Sugar and Spice Playrooms for Girls

Little girls deserve everything nice when it comes to their playrooms. Check out these real-life photos of girls' playrooms to get ideas of your own.

Dream Big

Take advantage of a big space if you have it. This girl's playroom submitted by HGTV fan trendytoes has plenty of room for different play areas and storage. The pops of color and artwork give the room a contemporary vibe.

Land of Nod Play Tent

HGTV fan lauramck05 added this playful tent to her girl's playroom so her daughter can have her own secret hideaway.

Classic Pink and Green

One end of this girly playroom submitted by HGTV fan JHanley76 has a small table perfect for tea parties with friends. The pink and green colors give a classic look to the room any girl would love.

Cute Cottage Playhouse

This playroom- and bedroom-in-one submitted by HGTV fan Mickelly is a dream come true for any little girl. A large closet was converted into a cottage-style playhouse complete with flowers, windows and a doorbell.

No Such Thing As Too Much Fun

Organization means more fun for HGTV fan momto2girls. The colorful storage bins make cleanup easy, which means more time for playing.

To Grandmother's House They Go

HGTV fan pattyj designed this playroom for her granddaughters. Now they have a place to hang out, watch TV and sleep when they visit.

Closet Turned Playroom

Don't have an extra room to convert into a playroom? HGTV fan mlinden1777 transformed a small closet into a fun playroom for her little girl. The flower-print flooring creates a soft, fun surface that's safe for toddlers.

Budget-Friendly Fun

This budget-friendly playroom submitted by HGTV fan TwoBeesTutus is simple yet colorful. The flower decals and bright storage bins and bean bags make this a fun room to be in.

Love for Ladybugs

HGTV fan tnprph created a ladybug room specifically designed for her daughter. The furniture, artwork and lampshades were all custom-made, making this room a true do-it-yourself space.

Wild Playroom

The animal-print furniture in this pink playroom submitted by HGTV fan imaqtjv adds sophistication and will grow with any girl for years to come.

Using Your Imagination

The paintings on the wall of this playroom submitted by HGTV fan 17252007 create different ways for a girl to use her imagination. The different colors and shapes add a whimsical touch.

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