Shabby Chic Children's Rooms

Shabby chic isn't only for adults. Turn your nursery or kid's room into a lacey, frilly, sleek haven with these inspiring rooms.
By: Hilary Johnson

French Chic

If you're set on a theme, it's easy to incorporate other design styles into an existing shabby chic room. This kid's room offers a French twist with rosy pink toile pillows, an antiquated wrought iron bedframe and frilly tutu.

Colorful Cottage Palettes

Shabby chic doesn't have to translate into "adult." This children's room offers a blend of shabby themes from the cottage-style birdhouse to the vintage hanging doll clothes.

Princess Pad

The floral ruffles of the bedding and the plastic ivy vine crawling up the canopy add the right amount of shabby to the white headboard and bookshelf. And with a strong but muted pink wall color, this kid's room is mature and youthful at the same time.

California Beach Boy

The beach look has made its way to the forefront of the shabby chic trend. This boy's room mixes seaside elements perfectly with chic style. The cozy chair draped with a soft blue throw, as well as, the wicker baskets and empty, hanging window frame make this room reminiscent of sandy walks and rhythmic waves.

Feminine Fairytale

This pink fantasy bedroom gets the shabby chic treatment from the well-chosen details. The elegant gold chandelier contrasts with the cottage-style sleigh bed, and the vintage doll clothes hanging above the bed perfectly complement the shabby chic bed linens.

Shabby Chic for the Modern Kid

Take a new approach to shabby chic with vibrant colors. The minty-green tones and traditional furniture of this room give it the sleekness of a contemporary room, while the stitched squares of the floral-print quilt and antique accessories make sure it remains rustic.

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