Nurturing Wildlife Nursery

An old guest room is transformed into a warm, peaceful – and eco-friendly – baby's room.

Uninspired Guest Room

An extra bedroom, presently serving as a catch-all for exercise equipment and clutter, will be reinvented as a coloful baby’s room.

Outdated Decor

Teal carpets from the 1980s and unhinged closet doors are in serious need of an update.

Re-energized Living Space

Low-VOC paint, a solid wood crib and 100-percent organic bedroom accessories are among the green products used to redecorate the once-tattered and torn guest bedroom. An African-inspired tree mural adds a unique touch to the space, and accessories, including figurines and lamps, are grouped in sets of three to symbolize family unity.

Finishing Touches Do the Trick

The closet is transformed into a changing station, which can be concealed behind sliding doors when not in use. Storage shelves fashioned from reclaimed railroad tiles, bamboo flooring and an organic wool carpet are among the eco-friendly updates.

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