Girly Retro-Inspired Pink Bedroom

A retro '70s vibe and pink-on-pink palette combine to create an eclectic bedroom for a 9-year-old girl.

Tween Dream

Originally the master bedroom, this 11' x 15' room offers plenty of space for 9-year-old Piper to play dress-up, study and display her doll collection. Pink is her favorite color and mom and designer Traci Fleming was more than happy to oblige, making pink the only color in the space.

Inspired by Boutique Hotels

When creating Piper's room, Traci approached it as if she were designing a room in a girl's boutique hotel. To achieve the look, she selected luxurious fabrics and put a few hotel tricks like symmetry, repetition and a limited palette, to work.

Thrifted Style

Both the blanket at the foot of the bed and the coral-lacquered nightstands, flanking each side of the bed, are swap-meet finds. Hanging above the nightstands, the bubble glass pendants were once part of a single fixture which Traci separated to create two pendants and a central fixture.

Kid-Proof Furniture

This coral nightstand features a slick, lacquered finish. Lacquered furniture is a great choice for a kid's room because the process used to apply it creates a durable, stain-resistant finish.

Form and Function

Traci decided to hang these retro bubble pendants above Piper's nightstands rather than place a lamp on each to free up display space.

Pretty in Pink

Various shades of pink — from coral to dusty rose to shell pink — fill the space.

Personalized Storage

The monogrammed trunk at the foot of Piper's bed holds her costumes and dress-up accessories.

Hand-Me-Down Collection

Piper has followed in her mother's footsteps collecting the same Mexican papier-mache dolls that Traci loved as a child. In fact, some of the dolls in Piper's collection are antiques that once belonged to her mom.

Girly Glam

A dedicated vanity area provides a place for Piper to display her jewelry now and will come in handy for makeup when she enters her teen years.

Repeat Colors

Inset panels on the closet doors were painted the same coral shade as the nightstands to pull that color to this side of the room.

Golden Touches

Oversized gold pulls on the retro vanity, another swap-meet find, add a touch of mellow gold.

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