Before and Afters: Creative Kids' Rooms

Designer Dan Vickery, runner-up and fan favorite of HGTV Design Star season four, transforms kids' rooms and nurseries from drab to fab with simple projects and inspirational designs.

Before: Bland and Colorless

It's time to transition Olivia's room from a preschooler's room to a big girl's space. Most importantly, she has a beautiful collection of dolls that she wants to display.

After: Girly Sophistication

Dan creates an elegant space for Olivia by painting the walls pink and updating the existing furniture with a high-gloss black. A clever storage valance displays her favorite dolls and makes the window a focal point.

Before: Cluttered Nursery

Eight-month-old Kayla and two-year-old Kamari share this space, so their parents need a design that works for boys and girls, as well as fits the needs of both ages.

After: Bright and Functional

Dan creates a colorful nursery with plenty of storage for both children: A canopy hangs above the crib to store stuffed animals for Kayla, as well as diapers, powders and lotions for the parents. In addition, he designs an activity center with puzzles, games and crafts. Though he kept the wall color white, he infuses the space with vivid hues through draperies, bedding and accessories.

Before: Overloaded Shared Space

Seven-year-old Gabby and two-year-old Angela share a bedroom, and while they love sharing a room, they each need their own space.

After: Two Rooms in One

To create an individual space for each girl, Dan uses open shelving to divide the room. In addition, he selects three colors to use in the room: green for Gabby, pink for Angela and blue acts as the shared color. Each girl has her space paintd in her color and the shared items of the room are painted in blue.

Before: Storage Needed

From comic books and toys to baseball hats, Luke loves to collect things. However, he needs a place he can store and display his favorites.

After: Superhero Design

Dan designs a superhero-themed room for comic book-loving Luke. A creative headboard features sliding acrylic doors and is perfect for storing his collectibles. To add interest to the walls, Dan creates comic book-inspired graphics that are easily removed if Luke gets tired of them.

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