Wooden Daybed Frame with Honeycomb Pattern

Create an exotic look in your home with an Indian-inspired daybed.


Rows of octagons are cut into the plywood frame then given a two-toned stain and assembled with a dark-wood trim.

From: Design on a Dime
and Design on a Dime

Rows of octagons are cut into the plywood frame then given a two-toned stain and assembled with a dark-wood trim.

Tools and Materials:

table saw or circular saw
tape measure or measured leveler
jig saw
miter saw
squeeze clamps
drill with a Phillips driver bit
finish-nail gun
4x8 sheet of birch plywood
four pine 2x4s
sanding block and 220-grit sandpaper
clean rags
small paint roller with two small foam roller attachments
one quart of stain (we used Minwax brand, oil-based stain in Provencial 211)
one quart of paint (we used Behr brand, 240D-6 in Chivalry Copper)
one quart of polyurethane
wood glue
ten 3-inch screws
forty 3-inch finish nails


1. With a table saw or circular saw, rip the birch plywood down to the length of the daybed. Then cut two pieces down to the width of the daybed.



From: Design on a Dime
and Design on a Dime

2. Use a piece of scrap plywood to create your template. Measure and mark the size and shape of an octagon or your own pattern. Cut the template out with a jig saw.

3. Use the template to mark the long piece of plywood with as many octagons as desired creating a honeycomb effect. Start cutting out each octagon with a drill then follow with a jig saw to cut out the marked pattern.

4. Use the jig saw to cut off the excess part (top edge) of plywood without the honeycomb pattern. Repeat the process on the shorter pieces of plywood.

5. Cut the 2x4s down with a chop saw and miter the ends so that you have two-pieces to frame out the long piece of plywood and two pieces to frame out each of the side pieces.

6. Sand all wood and plywood lightly with 220-grit sandpaper and wipe away the dust.

7. Apply two coats of stain on the front and back of the plywood with a clean rag wiping off the excess stain. Allow the wood to dry completely between coats.

8. Stain the entirety of the 2x4s in the same manner.



From: Design on a Dime
and Design on a Dime

9. Paint the inside of the octagons with a small foam roller (ours matched the orange walls of our room).

10. Once everything is dry, assemble the 2x4s with wood glue and screws to frame out the plywood. Reinforce the mitered corners so that they fit snugly together with finish nails.

11. Give the entire piece two coats of polyurethane with another fresh foam roller allowing it to dry between coats.

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