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Our Favorite Contemporary Bedrooms

The latest design styles are perfect for making your bedroom inviting and cozy. Check out some of our favorite contemporary bedroom decorating ideas.

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Photo: Regan Wood Photography. From: Elizabeth Bomberger.

What is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design is ever-evolving because it basically refers to what is currently popular and in style. People often confuse contemporary and modern interior design because there can be overlap depending on what is fashionable at the moment. For example, Scandinavian-influenced design has been on trend recently, and it has a lot of modern influences, so it can be considered both contemporary and modern. Pure modern design has been around for decades; it is centered on clean lines, minimalism, neutral backgrounds with bright pops of color and a lot of industrial materials like metal, glass and concrete. On the other hand, contemporary design welcomes different elements like ornamental objects, rich color palettes, curved lines and lots of texture and pattern. This is why we love contemporary design for bedrooms. It's easy to make them warm, inviting and plush. We've gathered some of our favorite contemporary bedrooms to show you exactly what we mean.

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Photo: D2 Interieurs, Jane Beiles. From: D2 Interieurs.

Turn Up the Texture

This bedroom's bright palette bounces the natural light of the window throughout the space, highlighting the varying textures found in the bubble chandelier, blue linen armchairs and ultra-plush rug. Even the wooden hand-shaped chair in the corner adds texture with a touch of whimsy.

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Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg. From: Breeze Giannasio.

Layer In a Neutral Foundation

Layers of beige, gray and white form a foundation that effortlessly complements the wood tones in the platform bed, nightstands and chair rail topping the creatively patterned half-wall covering.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza

Wow With Wall Art

Designer Christopher Rankin knew the large blank wall adjacent to this bed deserved special treatment. His solution? A display of butterfly artwork that adds the perfect wow factor.

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