Headboard Storage

Get ideas on how to create your own multi-purpose headboard from Design Star finalist Alice Fakier.


Alice's Tips:

- Consider this storage solution for any small space, like a dorm room or studio apartment.
- Your fabric choices and bedding should be more sophisticated for a grown-up look.
- Use pretty woven baskets and fabric-covered storage boxes on the shelves for attractive organization.
- Need more light? Attach clip-on desk lights to the sides of the bookcases for nighttime reading.
- To easily move the bookcases, invest in furniture sliders.

Materials and Tools:

72" matching white bookcases (item #57350, item #40872 - Lowe's)
5 yards of children's fabric (white with owls/cat, item #1988 - Milling Around)
2 yards of contrast fabric (wide stripe raspberry and ivory, item #3293 - Milling Around)
sewing machine
2 dowel rods (Levelor, item #070042771251 - Home Depot)
2 pole sockets (Levelor, item #070042771251 - Home Depot)
power drill
measuring tape
storage bins (Lowe's)
Juvenile square taper bins (item #226782 - Lowe's)
letter E (Hobby Lobby)


1. Assemble your bookcases and place them on either side of the bed.

2. Measure the space between your bookcases. This measurement will let you know how long your dowels need to be, and how wide your canopy has to be.

3. The first sewing step is to take five yards of fabric and cut it in half. You will now have two pieces both equal to 2.5 yards.

4. Sew the two panels together down the center (or selvage) to create one large panel. Hem the bottom of the panel and sew a finished edge down each side.

5. Using upholsterer's thread, set the machine to sew long stitches. Make one seam along the top of the panel, leaving excess thread on both ends. Gently pull one thread and gather the panel to the desired width. Tie the thread off at both ends. Set this panel aside.

6. Take the top canopy fabric and cut it the same width as the panel. (If the fabric is not wide enough, sew two pieces together). The depth of the canopy is determined by the depth of the bookcases. Add length for the desired valence drop. The finished cut of the fabric is 62" by 22".

7. To create a scalloped edge, place the right sides of the fabrics together and use a round bowl or compass to draw the scallops. Use a 7" bowl, the same width as the stripes. Cut through both fabrics along the drawn scallop line, leaving a very small seam allowance.

8. With the right side of the fabrics together, sew the sides and then the scallops, leaving the back open. Use small, sharp scissors to cut tiny triangles into the seam allowance along the scallops. Turn the fabric inside to reveal the right side, and iron the scallops flat.

9. Sew two rows of straight stitches across the fabric to create the front rod pocket, remembering to allow for the valence drop. An 8" drop was used in this project.

10. With the right sides together, sew the back panel to the top canopy piece. You now have one canopy and are ready to move on.

11. Cut your dowels according to the measurement you took of the back wall. Install your closet hardware to the inside of the bookcases.

12. Slide the front dowel right through the rod pocket that you have sewn. Install the front dowel and the back dowel. Drop the canopy back behind the back curtain dowel.

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