Dress Up Your Design: Accessorize a Bare Bedroom

Each month, a lucky reader wins accessories from Etsy.com to complete a room. For April's winner, Michelle, designer Claire Watkins selects the accessories and shares why she chose them to update this bedroom.
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Bare Bedroom

Designer Claire Watkins makes over Michelle's barren bedroom. She says, "With beautiful light and bright, crisp walls, this all-white bedroom caught my eye. First things first, we need some room for side tables. Reposition the bed with the headboard centered on the wall opposite the French doors. Much better!"

Hemp Bedspread

"Inspired by the view of the outdoors just outside the window, I started with a fabulous, gender neutral organic hemp bedspread," states Watkins.

Ikat Denim Throw Pillow

"A classic piece that will only improve with age, I matched the spread to an Ikat pillow in blue and tan," says Watkins.

Ikat Pillow

Watkins suggests, "The combination of the Ikat pillows and hemp spread will look great on top of white sheets, a staple I'm will to bet the owner already has."

Vintage Round Brass Mirror

"Hang the small, porthole-style mirror over the bed to act as a focal point," suggests Watkins.

Original Abstract Painting

"The peaceful, abstract painting nicely carries the blue throughout the room while eloquently foiling the more formal, traditional style of the bed. Hang the painting on the wall adjacent to the bed. With a few key pieces the tone is set for a timeless, peaceful retreat that I hope the homeowner will enjoy," says Watkins.

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