Bedroom Color Ideas: Which Paint to Pick

Looking for bedroom paint inspiration? Whether you prefer barely there hues or are ready to amp up the drama in your bedroom, we have shade suggestions for all the colors of the rainbow — from red to violet — plus black and white for all you paint purists.

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February 05, 2020

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Ready to Rock the Rainbow? Read This First

Our color recommendations are representative of the paint color featured in each image but many factors, like lighting, time of day, adjacent materials (rugs and bedding) and paint finish (flat, eggshell, satin or gloss) will affect the final paint color. Before committing to painting your entire bedroom, always start by purchasing a small sample and brushing that onto poster board or cardboard that you can move around the room, testing it at different times of day and next to the room's furniture and fabrics. Check out the painting pointers, below, for more pro tips.

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Start a Fire

Red sparks our imagination and feels bold and empowering. It may not be your first choice when selecting bedroom shades but, as this lovely space proves, the right shade of red can create a cozy retreat that envelops you like a warm hug.

Similar Shades to Try: Scarlet Sun, Valspar or Bonfire, Benjamin Moore

Wine a Little

A traditional tone that's becoming trendy again, red wine-inspired hues create a saturated backdrop that allows crisp white bedding to really pop. Pair with shades of blue for an Americana feel or keep it classic with menswear-inspired patterns like windowpane, checks, stripes or houndstooth in shades of gray or black-and-white.

Similar Shades to Try: Divine Red, Clark + Kensington or Candy Apple, PPG Paints

Harness the Power of Pink

Cheery and youthful, hot pink conjures up happy memories and feels invigorating and optimistic, making it a perfect shade to wake up to each day. Although we typically associate the color with kids' spaces, this happy hue can also be used to beautifully brighten up guest rooms.

Similar Shades to Try: Be My Valentine, Dunn-Edwards or Springtime Bloom, Benjamin Moore

Blush + Bashful

Reminiscent of a shell's colorful interior or the first rosy streaks in the dawn sky, this soft pink feels fresh while also providing a timeless backdrop to other classic colors, like navy.

Similar Shades to Try: Barely Blush, Glidden or Pink Peony, Benjamin Moore

Earthy Elegance

Dusty and muted, this warm hue takes its cues from terra cotta and raw clay. Paired with global-inspired furniture and accessories, this shade is right at home in a boho-style interior or as an earthy backdrop to Southwestern-style decor.

Similar Shades to Try: Rennie's Rose, Dunn-Edwards or Spanish Rose Shadow, Valspar

Cue the Coral

The perfect blending of orange and red, coral is an upbeat shade that doesn't take itself too seriously. At home in coastal interiors, this cheery color is also a beautiful backdrop to traditional and contemporary looks.

Similar Shades to Try: Camellia Blossom, Clark + Kensington or Passion Pink, Valspar

Rich Russet

Terracotta hues have been trending for the past few years and they show no sign of declining popularity — thanks in part to the shade's ability to warm up any space while working with a variety of design styles.

Similar Shades to Try: Clay Pot, Dunn-Edwards or Rustic Pottery, PPG Paints

Sunset Shade

With a perfect balance of red and orange, this sunset-inspired shade provides a high-contrast backdrop to this bedroom's cool bedding and painted furniture. When using this color, follow designer Jenn Feldman's lead and layer in lots of brass or gold accents for an added warm pop.

Similar Shades to Try: Roseland, Glidden or Pueblo Rose, Dunn-Edwards

Saturated Citrus

Pure orange paint adds a big dose of cheer to this cute kids' room. Navy-and-white striped bedding and draperies keep it classic while still feeling trendy. While this high-energy hue may not be ideal for a guest room or master, it's perfect for kids' play and sleep areas.

Similar Shades to Try: Emergency Zone, Behr or Island Orange, Valspar

Citrusy Shade

Bright and cheery, this shade of orange may feel a little intense for a bedroom — but, balanced with neutral warm grays and tans, the energetic hue shows its softer side.

Similar Shades to Try: Mandarin, Behr or Fresh Persimmon, Valspar

Golden Hour

Anyone familiar with photography will tell you that the best time to shoot outdoors is the period right after the sun rises or right before it sets when the earth is washed in golden rays and everything takes on a soft, warm glow. Give your bedroom a similar effect with an ombre painted detail using our color recs and instructions, below.

Similar Shades to Try: Desert Dawn, Glidden or Venetian Rose, Benjamin Moore

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Peachy Perfection

This softest shade of peach creates a serene backdrop that feels both cheery and restful. Pair it with navy blue and crisp white for a can't-miss combo.

Similar Shades to Try: One to Remember, Behr or Glazed Sugar, Dunn-Edwards

Hello, Yellow

Sunny and invigorating, yellow reminds us of lazy summer days lounging under the bright sun. One of the trickiest colors to use in a bedroom, pale, buttery tones work best, like this cheery shade that's the perfect backdrop to farmhouse-inspired decor.

Similar Shades to Try: Early Morning Sun, Glidden or Jasper Yellow, Benjamin Moore

From: Denise Fogarty

Buttery Beige

For a neutral backdrop that still feels like you committed to color, barely there shades of yellow are perfect for warming up both guest bedrooms and master suites.

Similar Shades to Try: Saffron Ivory, Valspar or Gleam of Light, Clark + Kensington

Fresh Cream

Just a hint of yellow warms up this farmhouse bedroom and provides a lovely contrast with the whitewashed wainscoting and soaring vaulted ceiling. Creamy yellow paint, like this, acts as a neutral, offering a charming alternative to gray, greige or tan.

Similar Shades to Try: Thickened Cream, Behr or Honied White, Sherwin-Williams

Easy Being Green

This bedroom proves the power of paint + wood trim to create an accent wall that'll wake up any bedroom's style. Love the look? Learn how to create recessed panel wainscoting, plus get our paint picks, below.

Similar Shades to Try: Moss Point Green, PPG Paints or Green Thumb, Benjamin Moore

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Verdant Grass

Conjuring up memories of lounging in the cool grass on a warm summer's day, this bright hue is a can't-miss color for freshening up your bedroom's style — especially when paired with a graphic wallpaper in the same cheery shade.

Similar Shades to Try: Courtyard Green, Benjamin Moore or Catnip, Valspar

Intense Emerald

This regal shade of green feels dark and mysterious like a deep pond or shady forest. Used on only the accent wall, the saturated shade adds depth, causing the dark green wall to visually recede.

Similar Shades to Try: Marine Aqua, Benjamin Moore or Palm Frond, Clark + Kensington

Shadowy Shade

Saturated and serene, this almost-black shade of green creates a rich backdrop. When using a color this deep, follow designer Kelly Sutton's lead and incorporate mirrors and light-colored bedding and furniture to strategically cast light about.

Similar Shades to Try: Loch Ness, Dunn-Edwards or Hunt Club, Sherwin-Williams

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Grayed-Down Green

There's a reason that this master bedroom feels so unique: Its colors were inspired by an heirloom painting. A wall of windows, looking out to Mother Nature's artistry beyond, floods the room with light balancing the wall's deep tone.

Similar Shades to Try: Juniper Berry, Glidden or Demo Day, Magnolia Home

Gorgeous Jade

A color this peaceful lends itself to being used on more than just the walls. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn carried the soft green shade up onto the ceiling as well. White crown molding provides a visual break and draws attention to the room's high ceiling.

Similar Shades to Try: Spontaneous, Magnolia Home or Antiqued Aqua, Benjamin Moore

A Touch of Turquoise

A soft mix of blue and green, this watery shade feels restful and relaxed, making it a perfect fit for either a master suite or a guest room. This welcoming space also shows how beautifully this cool color contrasts with the warm tones of stained wood.

Similar Shades to Try: Rain Drop, Sherwin-Williams or Ocean Boulevard, Behr

Minty Fresh

Soft and subtle, this light green feels calm, cool and collected. It's a versatile shade that works well with a wide range of design styles — from coastal (this room is in our HGTV Dream Home 2020 in Hilton Head, SC) to traditional to even boho and mid-mod.

Similar Shades to Try: Green Silk, Glidden or Aloe, Sherwin-Williams

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Just a Hint of Mint

A pale gray with just a breath of cool color, this neutral is anything but bland. Pair it with either warm or cool shades for a pleasing palette.

Similar Shades to Try: Caribbean Breeze, Clark + Kensington or Ice Cube Silver, Benjamin Moore

Timeless Teal

Make your bedroom feel like a tropical vacay, any day, with this deep blue-green shade that's reminiscent of crystal-clear waters.

Similar Shades to Try: Acapulco Cliffs, PPG Paints or Exotic Sea, Valspar


Like a starless night sky, this deepest shade of blue feels mysterious and almost mystical. But, this saturated shade's true magic is its ability to make a small room feel larger by causing the walls to visually recede.

Similar Shades to Try: Magic Night, Dunn-Edwards or Starless Night, Behr

True Blue

Fun fact: Blue is the world's favorite color. That's right, regardless of country, age, gender, religion or any other factor, the majority of humans cite blue as their favorite color. So, is it any wonder that it's also a top pick for painting bedrooms? Reminiscent of clear skies and deep, tranquil seas, blue reminds us of the unsurpassable beauty of the natural world.

Similar Shades to Try: Cobalt Stone, PPG Paints or Work of Art, Clark + Kensington

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A Bit Beachy

A little bit nautical and a whole lot of nice, this is one beachy blue that would look equally at home in the big city.

Similar Shades to Try: Blue Velvet, Dunn-Edwards or Blue Flame, PPG Paints

Clear Skies

Reminiscent of the deepest shade of cerulean blue in a cloudless sky, this saturated shade reminds us of lazy summer days or diving into tropical waters. White wainscoting provides a clean contrast and guides your eye up to soak in the nature-inspired shade.

Similar Shades to Try: Wishing Well, Valspar or Mayan Treasure, Behr

Ready to Chill

This grayed-down, medium-tone blue creates a soothing backdrop that contrasts beautifully with the room's global-inspired poster bed and gray-veined marble fireplace surround.

Similar Shades to Try: Blue Chiffon, Valspar or Snowboard, Behr

Restful + Relaxed

This siding-clad bedroom gets a colorful freshening-up courtesy of this soft shade that covers not only the walls but also wraps up onto the bedroom's planked ceiling.

Similar Shades to Try: Vast Sky, Sherwin-Williams or Soothing Blue, Valspar

Breezy Blue

Like the cool calm after a summer storm, this pale blue-gray feels like a breath of fresh air. We used it here, in the 2018 Dream Home guest room, as a neutral backdrop to the room's mix of coastal and contemporary touches.

Similar Shades to Try: North Star, Sherwin-Williams or Instinct, Benjamin Moore

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Barely There Blue

Just a hint of blue makes this grayed-down shade one of the most versatile around — acting as a neutral that pairs beautifully well with this coastal bedroom's other cool hues.

Similar Shades to Try: Sparkling River, Dunn-Edwards or Sea Breath, Valspar

Icy Blue

Put this misty tone to work to create a retreat that's restful and relaxed. With just a touch more color than gray, this powdery blue is perfect for the master suite, guest room, kids' room or even a nursery.

Similar Shades to Try: Moonmist, Sherwin-Williams or Sidewalk Chalk, Dunn-Edwards

Peppy Purple

Pretty and pastel, this light purple would be right at home in a kids' bedroom or nursery — but mix in some grown-up bedding, like these lovely watercolor floral and plaid pillows, and this springy shade would be perfect for brightening up a guest room.

Similar Shades to Try: Lily Lavender, Benjamin Moore or Shy Violet, Glidden

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Lightest Lavender

Like a fresh breath of spring, this color reminds us of early blooms, like lilacs and crocus. For a lovely tone-on-tone effect, pair this cool color with draperies and linens in more saturated purple shades.

Similar Shades to Try: Agapanthus, Sherwin-Williams or Utterly Violet, Valspar

Rich + Regal

Long associated with royalty, purple dye was historically so costly to create that just a pound of purple wool cost more than most people earned in a year, ensuring that only the wealthiest could afford it. Thankfully, this royal shade is easier to source today and is a sure bet for ensuring your bedroom is fit for a queen or king.

Similar Shades to Try: Royal Lilac, PPG Paints or Jubilee, Dunn-Edwards

Blackberry Wine

Deep and dark, this moody hue is a perfect pick for creating a shadowy space that beckons you to snuggle in for a long snooze.

Similar Shades to Try: Purple Basil, Glidden or Plum Suede, Magnolia Home

Back in Black

Defined as the opposite of white and the utter absence of light, black paint has traditionally been used mainly as a trim color only — but this bewitching hue has finally come into its own and crossed over into the design mainstream as a statement color unto itself. Moody and dramatic, black can work in any interior with an abundance of natural light or plenty of white mixed in via trim, fabrics or furniture to create balance.

Similar Shades to Try: Tricorn Black, Sherwin-Williams or Black Magic, Glidden

Pitch Perfect

Not quite a true black, this pitchy tone goes deep with a cool touch of blue. The room's vaulted ceiling, painted a bright white, helps to lighten up the midnight shade.

Similar Shades to Try: Soot, Benjamin Moore or Carbon, Behr

Gunmetal Gray

This graphite-inspired shade kicks up the drama while adding a bit more light reflection and warmth than a true black. Designer and homeowner Katie Kime paired the inky hue with a white canopy bed for classic contrast.

Similar Shades to Try: Hale Navy, Benjamin Moore or Sea Serpent, Sherwin-Williams

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Rock Solid

Reminiscent of granite and shale, this earthy shade feels rock solid. Neither too dark nor too light, this mid-tone gray is perfect for streamlined, minimalist spaces and is right at home with mid-mod style.

Similar Shades to Try: Dover Gray, PPG Paints or Cool Charcoal, Glidden

Gorgeous Greige

Yes, it's back again — that warm gray/beige that was everywhere a few years ago is rising in popularity again thanks to its chameleon-like ability to work with any other colors and shift from warm to cool, depending on the surrounding hues.

Similar Shades to Try: Silver Song, Benjamin Moore or Yarn, Magnolia Home

Balanced Beauty

For a neutral backdrop that works equally well with a wide range of colors, consider this perfectly balanced gray. Neither too warm, nor too cool, this mid-tone shade is a color chameleon.

Similar Shades to Try: Stepping Stone, PPG Paints or Evening Shadows, Sherwin-Williams

Barely There Gray

This super-soft neutral adds cool contrast to the bedroom's richly stained headboard and warm yellow and coral bedding.

Similar Shades to Try: Whitestone, Benjamin Moore or Cold Water, Dunn-Edwards

Misty and Muted

When painting your walls pure white feels too a little too stark, a misty shade of gray may be the perfect fit. This subtle color feels bright and airy while still allowing all-white trim to pop.

Similar Shades to Try: Aria, PPG Paints or Liliac Muse, Valspar

Powdery Perfection

Just a tad warmer than a true white, this snowy shade creates a crisp backdrop that allows all other colors to shine. When painting your walls white, though, keep in mind that architectural details, like white molding and trim, may disappear. Help them stand out by using an eggshell finish on the walls and a gloss or semi-gloss finish on the trim.

Similar Shades to Try: Extra White, Sherwin-Williams or Commercial White, Glidden

Bright White

Cool and collected, this true white acts as the ultimate neutral, working with any color and always appearing fresh. But, like white linens, white paint can show even the smallest of stains so it's typically not a great choice for kids' rooms or high-traffic areas. Ask your paint provider for finish recommendations that offer more durability and are easiest to keep clean.

Similar Shades to Try: Ultra White, Valspar or True White, Magnolia Home

Americana Inspired

Is there any more classic color combo than red, white and blue? This cottage-style bedroom certainly proves that pairing Americana hues with whitewashed siding-clad walls creates a whole lot of charm, even in a small space.

Similar Shades to Try: Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore or Classic White, Dunn-Edwards

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