10 Rooms That Prove You Don't Need a Bed Frame

A proper bed-frame, platform or headboard may seem essential, but you can achieve the same level of interior goodness sans traditional bed choices. Skip the raised bed and try leaving your mattress directly on the floor. While this look used to be associated with youthful laziness, we’re confident these chic bedrooms will change your mind.

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August 15, 2017
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Floor Upgrades

Leaving a mattress on the floor of an otherwise empty room runs the risk of looking sloppy or unfinished. Make the bed a stylish focal point, instead of an eyesore, by placing it on top of a statement area rug. This added textile will instantly give a trendy boost to just about any space, while also creating a three dimensional feel — even if there’s no box spring involved.

Minimalist Approach

Not every bedroom is created equal when it comes to size, but luckily there are an abundance of hacks that will help you attain high style in tiny spaces. Low ceilings? Short on square footage? Rather than overwhelming a space with bulky, traditional bedroom furniture, opt for a minimalist approach. Use simple, crisp bedding to make the room feel airy and larger than it actually is. Bring in a small scale stool instead of a classic nightstand, and add a plant or two to complete the look.

Bring in a Headboard

If you love the idea of having your bed low to the ground, but still want it to look traditional, a low headboard is an easy way to transform the space. Whether you choose a wood or upholstered option, a simple, short headboard will help you create the laid-back atmosphere of your dreams.

Cozy Vibes

If your mattress is placed right on the floor, there's a chance that store-bought bedding may be a bit too big without the added height of a box spring or platform. Rather than sizing down or altering any duvets or quilts, let them drape off of the sides and rest right on the floor. These extra cozy vibes will take away from the sometimes severe effect a solo mattress can have on a room. Since you’re unable to see where the mattress actually ends, no one will notice that there is no additional structure beneath it.

Embrace the View

Large bed frames and headboards can potentially block beautiful views ot architectural accents, so if your home has swoon-worthy features, try your hardest not to conceal them with unnecessary furniture. These oversized windows are the perfect example, and the low bed lets them steal the spotlight. If you have something similar you'd like to show off, skip the standard-height beds and let the natural light pour in.

Added Texture

A fantastic way to give just about any room an upgrade is by incorporating additional textures throughout the space. From throw pillows to wall hangings, these newly introduced fabrics will help bring you space to life. This trick of course applies to bedrooms, too. Dramatic blankets styled at the edge of the bed and trendy sheepskin rugs along its side will turn a standard setup into a high style area of your home.

Graphic Contrasts

Create a visually stimulating space with the help of some dramatic contrasts that will add the perfect amount of definition to any bedroom. Choose two opposing colors, black paired with white works particularly well, and use only those to make a bold bedroom statement. By placing a graphic throw blanket on the edge of the bed and highlighting the accent color throughout the room — through wall art, accent chairs or dressers — the room will pop.

Make it Kid Friendly

This bedroom approach is no doubt the perfect style choice for kid’s rooms. Since little ones are always growing and needing updated furniture, doing without the typical bed frames will help save on some expenses, and make it easier for them to climb into bed. Designating a corner for the small scale mattress and painting the wall behind it a vibrant color keeps the style feeling fun and fresh.

Highly Stylized

While leaving a mattress on the floor may seem like an afterthought or lack of planning, this perfectly styled room proves that’s not always the case. The Southwestern-inspired elements present in this space and a warm, relaxed feel that's echoed by the no-fuss bed. Stylish wall art, window treatments and rugs help create a space that is anything but unrefined.

Statement Walls

Bold statement walls have the ability to revamp just about any room in your home. But with bright colors and intricate patterns covering the walls, too much furniture and decor can feel overwhelming. Get the ultimate sleeping oasis by turning the walls into works of art and keeping the rest of the space understated. A simple mattress on the floor paired with oversized art and a statement wall, creates a bedroom that is high on style, but low on fuss.

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