Modern Bathroom Vanity Update

Give an old vanity a fast makeover with fresh paint and repurposed door knockers.
Stylish Bathroom With Graphic Wallpaper and Salmon-Colored Vanity

Stylish Bathroom With Graphic Wallpaper and Salmon-Colored Vanity

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn painted this small bathroom's vanity a bright orange-pink hue to contrast with the neutral colors of the graphic wallpaper. Elegant door knockers take the place of traditional cabinet knobs for a one-of-a-kind look.

Materials Needed:

  • solid metal front door knockers
  • basic white or wood bathroom vanity
  • screwdriver
  • wood filler
  • putty knife
  • semi-gloss enamel paint
  • paintbrush
  • paint sprayer
  • screws
  • nuts
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • medium-grit sanding block
  • drill
  • drill bit
  • wrench

Spackle and Sand

Remove existing door pull with a screwdriver. Using a putty knife, fill the hole with wood filler. Once wood filler has dried, sand lightly with medium-grit sanding block.

Spackle and Sand Vanity Doors

Spackle and Sand Vanity Doors

After removing the existing door pull with a screwdriver, use a putty knife to fill the hole with wood filler. Lightly sand the surface once the wood filler has dried.

Update With Paint

Spray two coats of bold color onto doors and base. As necessary, use brush to paint details.

Mark Placement

Use tape measure to determine center point of door, then mark with pencil.

How To Measure for Door Handles on Vanity

How To Measure for Door Handles on Vanity

Use a tape measure to determine the center point of the door and mark with a pencil.

Drill Holes

Using pencil marks as guides, drill holes into door.

How To Drill Holes for Vanity Update

How To Drill Holes for Vanity Update

Before attaching door knockers, use the pencil marks as guides and drill holes into the vanity door.

Attach Door Knocker

Place door knocker flush with front of door, then screw in place with the screwdriver. Add nut to screw on back of door, then tighten with wrench.

How To Attach Door Knocker to Bathroom Vanity

How To Attach Door Knocker to Bathroom Vanity

Place a door knocker on the front door of the vanity, screw in place with a screwdriver, add nut to screw on back of the door and tighten with a wrench.

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