Bathroom Cleaning Done Right (and Fast)

Hate cleaning your bathroom? HGTV Magazine shares tips to speed up the chore that can't be ignored, so you can get back to the fun stuff.
By: Colleen Sullivan


Photo by: Emma Brownjohn

Emma Brownjohn


Twice a month, scrub the nozzle with a grout brush and an all-purpose cleaner (like Bon Ami powder cleanser), then wipe with a sponge. Every three months, pour enough white vinegar to cover the nozzle in a plastic bag, then secure it to the showerhead with a rubber band. Let it soak for a few hours—overnight if possible—then remove the bag and scrub the nozzle with a grout brush. Run the water for a few minutes to clear any vinegar.

Shower Curtain Liner

Use the scrubby side of a sponge and a bathroom cleaning spray with bleach (like Clorox Clean-Up original cleaner with bleach) to scrub the plastic liner twice a month. Work from the top down, cleaning both sides, then rinse away residue.

Tub and Tile

Shut the door and run the hot water for a few minutes to steam up the bathroom and loosen dirt. Wipe down the tub and all tile with a scrub brush and an all-purpose cleaner. If your grout is stained, rub in some baking soda using a dry grout brush, then rinse.

Sink and Faucet

Spritz the knobs, faucet base, basin, and countertops with a disinfectant spray, let the solution sit for 10 minutes, then wipe down everything with a sponge. Use a grout brush or an old toothbrush to scrub around the drain and the faucet base.


Choose a multi-surface cleaning spray that works on glass (such as Windex multi-surface antibacterial spray) over a traditional glass cleaner—it’s better at cutting through smears like hair spray and toothpaste splatter. Buff dry with a microfiber cloth.

Ventilation Fan

Four times a year, switch off the circuit breaker for the bathroom and suction the grill with a vacuum. Remove the cover and rinse it in warm water with a little dish soap. Unscrew any bulbs and wipe them with a microfiber cloth, then vacuum the fan blades and surrounding parts before replacing the cover.


Squirt the inside of the bowl and under the rim with a disinfectant (like Lysol Power toilet bowl cleaner). Let the solution sit for 10 minutes, then scour with a toilet brush. Run a disinfectant wipe all around the outside, including the handle and under the lid.

Toilet Brush

After cleaning the toilet, keep the seat up and drop a capful of disinfectant into the bowl. Submerge the head of the brush and flush a few times to rinse the bristles clean. Give the brush a hard shake over the toilet before replacing it in its holder. Slip a paper towel underneath the holder to catch any drips.

Waste Can

A small garbage bag saves you the time of cleaning out the can’s interior. Leave a few bags at the bottom so they are always handy. Once a month, wipe down the can with a disinfectant spray.


Do this last! Sweep or vacuum up any dirt and hair, then fill a bucket with hot water and an all-purpose cleaner for mopping. Use a mop with a scrubber side and a microfiber side (like Good Grips double-sided flip mop, $25, The scrubber side cleans grout and gets rid of hard-to-remove gunk; the soft side cleans and shines tile.

Our experts: Saudia Davis, CEO of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning, Brooklyn, NY; Sandy Galetovic, owner of; charles Gerba, professor of microbiology and environmental sciences, University of Arizona; Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro Service, Boston, MA

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