9 Robots That Will Do Your Chores

Scrubbing, sweeping, wiping, vacuuming – wouldn’t it be great if a gadget could do all that for you? Well, now it can: Check out these nine robots that do chores.

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iRobot Braava

Though it won’t replace a mop and bucket, this little ’bot can damp-mop your place to keep pet hair, dander and minor splatters under control. You can even load it with a reusable microfiber cloth, and the machine is quiet enough that you can run it while you sleep.

LG Hom-Bot Square

This high-end competitor to the Roomba is made to reach corners more easily via a set of lengthy brushes. Two cameras help it “see” and plot its path, and you can use a remote to teach it to maneuver tricky areas in your home, so every time it encounters them afterward, it knows where to go.


Don’t do windows? This robot does. Spray on some cleaner, suction it to the glass, and let it start cruising. A built-in squeegee and cleaning pad whirrs and wipes until the glass is clean.


This tough guy uses stiff wire brushes to prove that a little robot can take care of a big, dirty job. Set it for 10, 20 or 30 minutes, place it on your grill, and it’ll scrub off the stuff you’d otherwise be scraping.

iRobot Looj

If you’ve got gutters, then you’ve also got to either hire someone or risk your own neck (not to mention sacrifice a weekend) to clean them. Just set this robot in your gutter and he’ll truck along, breaking up gunk. He can take care of 30 feet in five minutes.


Looking like a miniature hot rod, LawnBott can take care of the lawn while you do other things. When its sensor notes tall grass, it spirals out from that point to even out the whole lawn.

iRobot Mirra

Planning a pool party is easy; cleaning the pool is not. This Mars Rover doppelgänger rolls over your pool’s walls, floors and stairs, scrubbing all surfaces while sucking up dirt and bacteria. 


Traditional dustpans can be back-breakers, plus there’s the fun of bending close to allergen-filled dust with each sweep. The VacPan mounts flush with your wall, and works with your central vacuum to suck up dust and dirt — just sweep toward it, and it will pull the dust away.


Scooping litter may be the queen of undesirable cleaning activities. The Litter-Robot takes care of this royal duty: After kitty finishes her business and leaves, the dome rotates to sift waste into a drawer. About once a week (for one cat), you can clear it by removing the bag below.

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