8 Party-Planning Apps

Make party planning stress-free with our favorite apps that will help you plan your next get-together from start to finish.


Need guests to help with your party, but don't like to ask? Write your to-do list, share it on PitchIn and your friends can sign up for different tasks.


Whether you're looking for theme ideas, tablescapes, flowers or menu ideas, you'll find endless scrolls of drool-worthy inspiration on Pinterest.


You deserve to look good at your own event, but it's hard to find time for the salon before your big event. Use Beautified to book a same-day manicure, haircut or even a spa treatment.


You know the best party goods deals come from a warehouse club, but sometimes it isn't worth the hassle. Boxed offers warehouse club prices with free shipping and no membership fees. Just like a good guest, all your party provisions arrive on time.

Party Party App

Entertainment is just a click away. Take old-fashioned photo booth photos with this app, and use the stop motion feature to turn them into mini movies.

Speakeasy Cocktails

Scrambling to learn a few fun drinks you can mix? Amaze your guests by mixing pro-style drinks with videos and recipes from this app.


When you're struggling to finish last-minute shopping, decorations or food prep, turn to TaskRabbit. You can hire someone to pick up menu items, set up the karaoke machine or do any other chore to lighten your load.


No time to program a playlist? This app makes DJing easy. Pick the mood of your party, whether it's "unwinding," "feeling confident" or a "sweaty dance party," and Songza will choose the music to match.

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