Composite Kitchen Countertops

Made from recycled materials, environmentally friendly composite countertops provide a durable kitchen work surface with customizable designs.

Eco-Friendly Composition

These composite countertops—made from recycled paper, resins and pigments — merge style, performance and eco-friendliness. The surface acquires a rich patina with age. Shown: Slate. Photo courtesy of Paperstone

Stylish, Durable Surface

Crafted primarily from paper, these composite countertops resist stains, scratches and heat. The earth-toned surfaces are a warm alternative to cool stone. Shown: Nutmeg. Photographer: Doug Ogle. Photo courtesy of Richlite

Sleek, Modern Style

This eco-conscious composite countertop is formed from recycled paper, recycled glass and low-carbon cement. The result is a beautiful, practical surface. Photo courtesy of Squak Mountain Stone

Customizable Features

Composite countertops lend themselves to custom-fabricated details, such as unique edges and integrated drain channels. Shown: Slate Black. Photographer: Sergei Hasegawa. Photo courtesy of Richlite

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