Mold Testing

Testing one, two, three – have you found any mold? Check out this guide for learning how to test for mold that might be lurking in your home.


By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Just like a pop quiz in high school chemistry class, navigating the waters of mold testing can be a tricky business.

Before you consider testing for mold within your home, keep in mind that it is not necessary to test for mold if you simply suspect that there may be a problem brewing. Because a small bit of mold is present in every home, it is unnecessary to test as a precautionary measure rather than to assess the scope of an actual problem.

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One of the best tried-and-true methods of testing for mold is by simply letting your nose do the sniffing. Most often, a mold problem will be readily identified by a musty smell that becomes obvious in damp environments.

Mold also likes to play a bit of hide and seek, so if you suspect there is a problem, then begin to check under carpets, behind drywall, inside ductwork, in between bathroom tiles and in other moisture-prone areas.

If you prefer a more formal form of testing, then consider a home testing kit to help keep your home healthy. You could also call in an expert, who will take a sample of the mold and determine the root of the problem.

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