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Don't overlook ways to personalize your laundry room space with wall decor.



The sculptural design and vibrant cherry color of LG’s Energy Star-rated, front-load washer and large-capacity dryer bring elegance to the space. Giclee prints in keeping with the home’s wooded setting pop against a neutral background.

By: Gina Hannah
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When designing your laundry room, it's easy to overlook opportunities to include wall art or other decorative items. After all, most of us spend as little time in the laundry room as we possibly can. But a few well-placed decorative items will not only add to the pleasure of being in your laundry room, they can help make washing clothes a breeze.

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Because the average laundry room has limited space, there's a good chance that your wall decor will serve the dual purpose of being both beautiful and functional. Pretty wicker baskets hanging on the wall can tote clothes to and from the laundry room. A pegboard painted in a bright color can hold hangers for drip-dry clothes. An attractive hanging cabinet can hide a pull-down ironing board.

Patches of wall space can serve as a spot for a collection of small hanging photographs or artwork, or even a larger piece or two, depending on the amount of bare surface on your walls.

You can stick with a laundry theme if you like, but you certainly don't have to. Try wooden hanging letters painted in bright colors. You can spell out "Laundry," or "Whites" and "Brights." Display a favorite saying or, if each family member has his or her own cubby or hamper space, spell their names. Letters are available in a wide range of fonts and sizes.

If you have the space, you can find many framed art pieces, from elegant to whimsical, that will work well on laundry room walls. Peruse thrift shops and antique stores for vintage framed prints if that style appeals to you. Or purchase prints of famous paintings and put them in frames. If you're furnishing a laundry room-mudroom combination, framed botanical prints are a good choice. Have a household full of athletes? Posters of your favorite teams (or photographs of your own family stars) will personalize your space. Because guests generally don't see the laundry room, it's a good place to experiment with a style or color scheme you are interested in trying but want to test before making a major commitment.

The laundry room can be a great place to hang children's art, providing a place for them to show off their creativity. If you are a budding artist, try your hand at painting or sketching and use as wall art. You can also hang family snapshots—try a series of small pictures in frames for a gallery effect.

If you have a crafty streak, stencils can add a touch of style. Stencil words, flowers, geometric shapes—whatever suits your style. You'll have a feeling of pride each time you walk into your laundry room to start another load.

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