Kids' Rooms: 8 Ways With Antiques

Add character and a sense of heritage to your child's room by incorporating vintage furniture and accessories into your design.

Photo By: Stephanie McGill

Photo By: Picasa

Update Vintage Pieces

Stylist Stephanie McGill paints horizontal stripes in soft blue and white as a subtle yet interesting background to the bold colors of the furniture, draperies and curtains in her daughter's nursery. A hand-me-down from her grandparents, the dresser was updated with glossy white paint and decoupaged with a bird motif she designed and printed on her computer.

Mix and Match

A favorite decoration for a nursery is hanging a monogram or the child's name above the crib. Designers Jennifer O'Dowd and Joanna Gick of J&J Design Group create a one-of-a-kind look with vintage letters that add dimension and bold color to the wall. "Antiques give you an opportunity to make the space unique to you. Vintage items bring an interest that is different than your typical space from a catalog," says Gick. Photography by John Woodcock

Old Meets New

Blogger Caroline Wise of Wise Mama Blog gives an antique dresser an updated look with an orange chevron changing pad and simple white display shelves. A lover of the juxtaposition of old and new, she pairs antique children's chairs with a streamlined white table. "The new pieces in the room keep it bright and contemporary, while the antique pieces give it heart," says Wise.

Collected Style

A collection of the same item makes for a visually strong vignette. Designer Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors places a grouping of vintage globes on top of a child's dresser for an eclectic yet thoughtful display.

Personal Touch

Adding personality and character to the nursery, stylist Stephanie McGill mixes vintage milk glass, modern ceramic birds, and old wooden blocks spelling out her daughter's name on top of the dresser.

Smart Storage

Old drink bottle carriers make for great storage organizers in a kid's room, while also adding a vintage, lived-in element to the space. Design by Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors

Transform a Vintage Piece

Bold colors, graphic fabrics and an eclectic mix of accessories all combine to create a casual and fun nursery design. Stylist Stephanie McGill found an old store counter from France at an antique store and transformed it into a changing table with a little bit of opaque pink stain and a lot of restoring work from her husband.

Bring In Tradition

Using antiques in a kid's room or nursery adds character and heritage to the space, says designer Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors. In this neutral nursery, she brings in an antique Jenny Lind-style crib, tiny rocking chair and even a small coat rack for displaying favorite outfits.

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