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How to Paint an Ombre Wall

Add a subtle touch of interest in your bedroom with a pink and gray ombre wall.
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Boring Beginnings

This apartment in West Hollywood suffered from a total lack of charm. We used the client's charcoal-gray bedspread as a jumping-off point to craft a plan.  

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After: Feminine But Not Fussy

In one day and on a budget of $100, my good friend Igael Gurin-Malous and I created a simple but striking ombre wall treatment with three paint colors: gray, salmon pink and light gray.  

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To Get Started

Clean your surface. Wipe down and remove anything on the wall you'll be painting.  

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Spill-Proof Your Space

Whenever possible, remove all furniture in the room to give yourself room to work. Cover anything you cannot move and all floors with thick plastic to prevent spills and slips.  

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