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Empty Attic Remodeled Into Two Bedrooms, Bathroom + Living Area

By: Jane Dagmi
One family's need for extra space becomes the unbelievable story of how a formerly unused attic is transformed into a home for an entire family.
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Attacking the Attic

After inviting Susan Chancey's father to move in with them, she and her husband Guy knew they would need to add space in order to accomodate the three adults, as well as Guys' daughter Ella and the family's three dogs.

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Meet the Chanceys

At the end of a day, the Chanceys load up on the couch with dogs Rusty, Clyde and Jelly Bean. The tight-weave chenille sofa holds up to the clan.

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An architect friend drew up initial plans for the renovation. It wasn't until the contractor and crew really got into the space and experienced it, however, that details of the job really took shape. Drawings were altered several times over.

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Paint Samples

The relationship of colors was integral to the flow and feel of the upstairs. With nature as her inspiration, Susan studied several paint chips before choosing the final seven.

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