8 Ideas for a Better Morning Routine

Roll over to the right side of the bed and make your morning less chaotic with these tips and tricks.

Wake Alarm App

Are you an over sleeper? Wish someone would shake you awake when you need to get up? Your wish granted by your smartphone. This app forces you to interact with your Smartphone in order to shut it off. Now your ears and your mind will sit up straight in bed first thing in the morning.

Moxie Showerhead

I don't know about you, but when I'm in my car or the shower, I'm a Grammy contender. Your car has a sweet sound system, so why not your bathroom, too? This Bluetooth enabled showerhead will let you start your day with a little theme music and a lot of water pressure.

Lark Life Wristband

This brilliant wristband can help you monitor your diet and exercise throughout the day, but in the morning it really struts its stuff. After tracking your sleep, it vibrates to wake you up noiselessly so your partner isn't disturbed (bonus relationship points).

Automated Switch (Belkin WeMo)

How luxurious would it be to turn your coffeemaker on from the comfort of your bed? This app-operated outlet makes anything plugged into it an app-operated device. Simply use the app on your phone to control the switch and don't let your feet hit the ground until you smell your java brewing.

DIY Charging Station

The best way to wrangle your tech is to build it a beautiful place to recharge and hang out. An attractive, DIY charging station will keep all of your gadgets organized and charging in one place. Plus, this means you'll be moving them out of the bedroom (more bonus relationship points).

Overnight Oatmeal

If you're getting up at 6am tomorrow and start making breakfast at 9pm tonight. Check out recipes like this Slow Cooker Irish Oatmeal with Bananas and Berries on Cooking Channel for slow cooker or rice cooker oatmeal. With a wholesome breakfast, you'll be able to avoid the cheap donuts in the break room.

Plan the Next Day

Give yourself a head start on tomorrow and a good night's rest tonight. Free apps like todoist.com can make your lists simpler and more satisfying, but a notepad list on your nightstand is just as satisfying. Whip up a priority list for tomorrow, then sleep soundly, knowing you'll wake up focused and ready to check boxes. Last item on your list: pat yourself on the back.

Avoid Email in the AM

Your stress levels will plummet when you stop looking at emails from your bed first thing in the morning. Give your brain some time to wake up before throwing yourself into reactive mode. You'll be more composed and efficient when you do dig in to that inbox.


Some people open their eyes every morning and begin to stress about one thing: traffic. With the free Waze app, you can see what the current best route will be considering up to the minute traffic conditions. Now you'll know if you've got time to stop for coffee or if you need to skip the blow dryer and go. If time is money, this thing is worth millions.

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