Bathroom Trends for 2010

A panel of designers shares some insight into exciting and inspiring bathroom trends.

Photo By: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Like the kitchen, you can't go wrong with investing in the bathroom. At a panel during the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Darcy Garneau of EDI Architecture, Jillian Pritchard Cooke of DES-SYN and John Thatch of Dahlin Group Architecture Planning shared their insight into the bathroom trends that are exciting buyers and inspiring homebuilders for 2010.


Reusing antique furniture or using pieces you would normally find in the living room is a sensibly chic way of adding style and character to your bathroom. Whether you use a traditional cherry dresser as a classic vanity or a weathered buffet to bring a cozy cottage feel to the bath, furniture can be used in a number of ways to make the space really stand out.

Freestanding Tubs

Whirlpool and Jacuzzi tubs are still popular, but a new trend is emerging. Consumers now desire the quiet, serene experience of a soaking tub. Freestanding tubs allow for relaxation and make a dramatic impact in the master bathroom.

Technology and Entertainment

Homeowners are turning their bathrooms into residential spas, thanks to gigantic soaking tubs and other high-end amenities. Home entertainment systems and even fireplaces are hot trends to implement into bathroom design, creating the full experience of a luxurious retreat. Technology is invading the space, with more people interested in watching television, surfing the Internet and listening to music while they get ready or take a long bath.

Sleek Sinks and Fixtures

Homeowners are making bigger design statements with their bathroom sinks and fixtures. By making a visual impact with custom slab sinks and unusual horizontal drains, where the water flows along the slot of the front of the basin and back into the wall connection, a modern twist can by implemented into almost any design. This type of sink and drain make the unit look sleek when mounted by itself, or easy to install over a standing vanity.

Water Conserving Technology

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that by the year 2013, an estimated 36 states will experience water shortages as a result of increased water usage and inefficient water management. In response, engineers and manufacturers are using technology to create products to better manage water use, such as dual flush toilets. A dual flush toilet lets you use the minimum amount of water needed to flush, based on whether it's liquid or waste.

Features That Add Luxury and Comfort

Consumers are always looking for ways to add luxury and comfort to the bathroom, whether it's through warm towels or heated floors when you step out of the shower. Towel warmers and radiant heat flooring make this modern bath a cozy private retreat.

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