Bathroom Lighting Styles and Trends

An essential design element in any room, lighting can both improve your bathroom's efficiency and enhance its design.

Photo By: Designer, Kenneth Brown

Photo By: Peter Rymwid

Vanity Lighting

Task lighting around the vanity is an important component of well-lit bathroom. Rather than installing a single light fixture above your mirror, try installing two wall-mounted lights on either side of your vanity, which will eliminate unflattering shadows. Image courtesy of Xylem Group, LLC

Ambient Lighting

All bathrooms need general lighting, which can be provided by various types of fixtures. In this bathroom designed by Kenneth Brown, a recessed light fixture illuminates the shower, while custom-designed sconces bounce light off the ceiling.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be used to highlight plants, artwork or other interesting features in the bathroom. In this bathroom, a recessed light fixture showcases beautiful built-in shelving, while chandeliers accent the freestanding tub. Design by Anissa Swanzy

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is the eye candy of the bath. Try hanging an elegant chandelier above your bathtub to add interest to the space and provide a warm glow. Image courtesy of Kohler Co.

Layered Lighting

Incorporating several types of lighting features will enhance the design of your bathroom. This space includes vanity lighting, recessed light fixtures for general lighting and accent lighting to illuminate the shelves. Image courtesy of the National Kitchen & Bath Association

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Show off your bathroom’s flooring and illuminate a footpath with under-cabinet lighting. Image courtesy of the National Kitchen & Bath Association

Back-Lit Mirror

Instead of installing a plain mirror, spice up your bathroom's style with a back-lit mirror. The result is a halo effect around the mirror that adds a glamorous touch to any bath. Image courtesy of INAX Corp.

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