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How to Fit a Double-Sided Desk Into a Small Space

July 23, 2019

Double your homework or office space by turning two portable desks into back-to-back workstations.

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Small Space Solution

We were able to squeeze this double-sided workstation in between two windows in a space that would normally fit just a single desk. Ours is designed for kids, but you can easily make this setup for an adult home office. Placing the desks back-to-back is ideal for collaborating. But, it also works for keeping kids separate to make sure the homework actually gets done.

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Smart Seating

Skip traditional desk chairs and go with soft, kid-size storage ottomans. They easily slide under the desk when not in use, and they're the perfect hiding spot for that treasure trove of extra art and school supplies. Wrangle it all in an inexpensive bath caddy to keep everything organized and portable.

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Working the Walls

Make the most of vertical space on nearby walls or on the desk itself with temporary adhesive tape. It can transform inexpensive file folders and small desk accessories into instant wall organizers.

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Privacy Please

If your child needs a little privacy to get laser-focused on their homework, no problem! A couple of strategically placed chip clips and a piece of cardboard will create a mini-cubicle vibe so they can get down to work without distraction.

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