Arched Entry Made Easy

See how a front entryway is updated with pre-made corbels and easy-to-build columns.

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Beautify the Yard

We’ve made it easy with downloadable instructions and shopping lists.

Refresh Your Entrance With a New Hue

Energize your home's exterior by painting the front door and molding.

Create an Arched Entry

Accent your entryway with premade corbels and easy-to-build columns.

Re-Cover Metal Posts in Wood

Give builder-grade support posts a makeover with an easy wood wrap.

Build a Porch Swing From a Door

Learn how to construct a swing using basic 2x4s and an old door.

Plant a Colorful Walkway

Create an inviting entry to boost curb appeal and make your house the best on the block.

Make Geometric-Patterned Trellises

Add architectural interest with this unique alternative to standard window shutters.