15 Cat-Tastic Product Picks

Surprise your favorite feline with one (or all!) of these fun finds that get the kitty stamp of approval.

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June 25, 2018

Photo By: Courtesy of Cat Crib

Photo By: Kelly Schulze

It's in the Bag

Screen-printed onto 100% organic cotton, this handy tote lets you show your #catmom pride while shopping, traveling or just running errands.

BUY IT: Etsy, $15.99

Private Potty

After all, what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom. Provide a private potty for your cat that also gives you a bit more counter space in the bathroom with this clever cabinet.

BUY IT: Amazon, $86

Scratchin' It Old School

Constructed of recycled cardboard, this clever scratchpad lets your cat satisfy their need to scratch (#saveyoursofa) while adding a playful design element to any space.

BUY IT: Uncommon Goods, $35

For Adventurous Kitties

Most cat parents will agree that their furkid loves being outdoors. Keep them safe with this portable pen that folds down for easy storage, includes multiple pockets for stashing their stuff and even features a removable roof so their time outdoors is made in the shade.

BUY IT: Pier 1, $34.95

Crafty Kitties

Decorate your desktop or kitchen windowsill with this set of three handmade felted wool planters that can be customized in any color so they resemble your favorite feline or match your decor.

BUY IT: Etsy, $59

Space-Saving Hideaway

Most cats agree: a quiet spot is a must when catching a few Zs. With patented straps that keep it from slipping, this hammock was designed to create a snug under-chair lair where your kitty can grab a quick catnap. Thanks to the hammock's adjustable design that fits most chair's dimensions, this is one pet bed that won't add to your room's visual clutter and, bonus, can be easily removed for cleaning.

BUY IT: Cat Crib, $19.99 or Amazon, $19.99


While all cats aren't into catnip — roughly one quarter to half of adult cats are immune to its charms — those who are susceptible, *love* it and will spend a few blissful minutes chewing, kicking and, generally, spazzing out when presented with a new catnip-filled toy. Made in Vermont from organically grown catnip by a socially-conscious company that supports animal rescue, these toys are the cat's meow.

BUY IT: TipsyNip, $8.25 and up or Amazon, $12.90

Double-Duty Decor

Functioning as durable floating shelves, this set of five modular blocks can be attached to the wall in any pattern you'd like to both stash your stuff and serve as a stable cat climber or elevated sleeping spot. Available in five colors so you can easily match them to your decor.

BUY IT: Amazon, $199.95

There Once Was a Kitty Who Slept in a Shoe

Any cat parent will tell you: Cats are inexplicably drawn to shoes. Give in to their desire to curl up in footwear with this cozy pet bed that's a shoe-in for their new favorite snuggle spot.

BUY IT: Uncommon Goods, $90

To Infinity and Beyond

Scratching is necessary for your cat's health: It removes the dead outer layer of their claws, leaves behind a bit to scent to mark their territory and allows them to enjoy a deep stretch. Satisfy your kitty's need while also giving them a stylish place to relax with this recycled cardboard infinity lounger.

BUY IT: Amazon, $49.95

For Hipster Kitsters

Featuring streamlined styling and a removable top for easy cleaning, your kitty can enjoy lounging in the pod's fuzzy fleece interior while feeling totally secure and hidden away.

BUY IT: Hepper, $124.50 or Amazon, $124.50

Purrfect Pair

Bibliophiles and cat fanciers, rejoice! This set of bookends blends your two passions into one handy bookshelf necessity. Crafted in Kentucky, these playful bookends are hand-cut from carbon steel, then finished with auto-body paint for maximum durability.

BUY IT: Uncommon Goods, $65

For Kitty Climbers

Easy to assemble, this ladder-like cat tree can be folded flat for storage when floor space is at a premium — or leave it assembled year-round near a window so your little acrobats can survey their domain while sunning themselves.

BUY IT: Pier 1, $199.95

Freedom to Roam

For multi-pet households, giving smaller pets access to a space that's off-limits to larger furkids can be a must. Make it easy to control their coming-and-going with this clever dual-door pet gate that features a small opening that's perfectly sized for a kitty on the prowl.

BUY IT: Frontgate, $149

Time for a Cat Nap

With a removable teepee-style top, this snug bed is perfect for cats who crave a little privacy during naptime. Unzip the top and the lower cushion and teepee can be flattened for easy storage or to take on the road when traveling with your kitty.

BUY IT: Pier 1, $29.95

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