10 Must-Haves for Your Next Road Trip

Hit the highway in comfort and style with these why-didn't-I-think-of-that? travel heroes.

June 04, 2018
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So Fresh, So Clean

With all due respect to those mysterious rear-view-mirror trees (is that...really what black ice smells like?), when you plan on spending serious time on the highway, you need a substantial and sustainable air scrubber. The porous activated charcoal in this baby will purify the stale air in your car instead of hitting it with chemicals, and it’ll combat the effects of left-behind takeout for up to a year. BUY IT: PURGGO, $20

Rest-Stop Relief

This assortment of towelettes is a league of essential-oil superheroes: Defeat gas-station bathroom germs, freshen up after the A/C kicks out in the middle of nowhere, combat carsickness and wind down at the end of a long day with their aid. BUY IT: Anthropologie, $20 for 16

Wash and Learn

Truth be told, every trip calls for a laundry bag — hunting for clean undies is nobody’s idea of a good time. That said, a pre-sorted discard pile is especially important when you find a laundromat (praise be!) in the middle of nowhere and want to take care of business ASAP. Tuck one of these into your glove compartment and thank us later. BUY IT: World Market, $6

Level Up

A run-of-the-mill power source can re-juice your phone after hours upon hours of GPS navigation and playlists. This one can also jump-start your car. (Seriously. The cables are included.) BUY IT: The Grommet, $100

Berth of the Cool

Sure, you could settle for a cheap, bulky and flimsy Styrofoam chest — but when you invest in this YETI (a leakproof, virtually-indestructible beauty that holds up to 30 pounds of ice, then packs flat and weighs just 5.5 pounds when it’s empty), you’re set for life. BUY IT: River & Glen Trading Co., $250

Gourmet on the Go

When fast food isn’t your speed, this one-and-done steel kit — which sets a table for four and includes paring, carving and bread knives, a chopping board, a serving spoon, a bottle opener/corkscrew and campfire utensils — is ready to turn your roadside-farm-stand haul into the greatest picnic of all time. BUY IT: Front Runner, $60

Book It

It’s time to get started on that road-trip memoir. (It’s also a good idea to keep must-have details on paper, since your smartphone will go blank in a "No Service" zone 50 miles from your destination.) BUY IT: Rite in the Rain, $14

Classic Weekender

With an adjustable shoulder strap, an interior zip pocket and heavy-duty stitching, this handsome, extra-large duffel does the work of a leather holiday accessory at a fraction of the price. BUY IT: Nordstrom, $85

A Mouse That Roars

Go on, celebrate reaching your destination with an impromptu dance party. This lightweight Bluetooth speaker fills your space with home-stereo-system-quality sound and claims less real estate in your luggage than a rolled-up pair of jeans. BUY IT: Bose, $200

Blanket Statement

Meet the hardest-working travel pillow in the business: Unpacked, it’s a 40x60 cotton comforter plumped up with seven ounces of hypoallergenic down-alternative fill. BUY IT: The Company Store, $49

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