10 Bargain Buys to Nab Now

Now that the height of the holiday shopping season has passed, retailers are itching to clear their inventory to make room for the next season's goods. Winter is the perfect time to score some major deals on everything from big-ticket items to home accessories. Check out some of the best deals to be had this season.

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Who would've thought that there's a best time of year to buy candles? Well, there is! All those winter scents have got to go, as well as all the over-ordered products from the holiday season. Fans of fancy candles, this is the time to snag some half-price deals on your favorite brands. BUY IT: Anthropologie $15

Skis and Outdoor Sports Equipment

There's plenty of winter left to be had and if you're an outdoor enthusiast, now's the time to shop for gear. Skis, ski boots, sleds and apparel are all marked down in anticipation of spring. If you want to hit the slopes in fresh skis, strike while the iron is hot. BUY IT: evo.com $680

Flat Screen TVs

There are tons of sales on televisions starting in February. You can thank the lead up to the playoffs for this. But even after game day has passed, stores have slashed their prices to make room for next year's models. BUY IT: Best Buy $350


You'll find great deals on suitcases and other luggage after January. You can scoop up some sweet savings on the types of travel gear you've been pining for if you buy after the peak of travel season. BUY IT: eBags.com $110

Laptop Computers

It's the slow season for laptops, which makes it the perfect time for you to get the most for your money. With Christmas behind us and back-to-school far in the future, you are likely to see some steep discounts on personal laptops. BUY IT: Office Depot $500


There are differing opinions about when to make a mattress purchase. Some say May, some say September, but everyone agrees that national holidays are all winners. President's Day sales on mattresses are particularly plum. BUY IT: Macy's $1800

Amazon Echo

If you've been considering buying Amazon's at-home personal assistant, now the time's to pull the trigger. The online retailer slashed the prices on most models including new ones like this Spot version. BUY IT: Amazon.com $115

Kitchen Electronics

The bakers in the room may want to head over to your favorite home goods stores this month and stock up on those drool-worthy tools you've been wanting. Big ticket items like a KitchenAid stand mixer can be had for up to 40% off right now. BUY IT: Crate & Barrel $304

Bedding and Linens

The white sales that begin in January will roll into February with even deeper discounts or clearance sales on bedding and linens. If you're looking to warm up your bed with flannel sets, you'll get the best prices now. BUY IT: West Elm $20-$70

At-Home Exercise Equipment

Want to guess how long most New Year's Resolutions last? Just about a month. So starting in February you'll notice that all those good intentions gone south have led to pretty awesome savings. At the beginning of the year, this cycle would've cost you twice as much. BUY IT: Sears $180

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