10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Stage of Your Relationship

Fact: you deserve a romantic getaway when raising teenagers.

The First Valentine's Day

This fun twist on the classic box of chocolates ensures that your first Valentine’s Day together is extra special and oh-so-sweet. Serve-up a sugar rush with this DIY chocolate truffle kit that gifts you the opportunity to play around in the kitchen together. For best results, pair this gift with another V-day classic. A bundle of blooms or their go-to bottle of wine will do the trick. BUY IT: Uncommon Goods, $34.95

Two Years Later

Your partner has been dropping hints for months, and finally, you’re ready to commit. What better way to show them you’re ready to adopt a fur baby from the local rescue than with this posh, personalized pet tote? Trust us on this one, pal. Carry your newest pack member around town in style, or use it to tote treats and toys while on the go. BUY IT: Mark & Graham, $88 and up

Liven-Up Living Together

The first year of living together reveals the not-so-glamorous side of life. Not to fret, friends. Gift your Valentine with this stylish speaker to turn those mundane, everyday tasks into slow dancing in the kitchen. Choose to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, connect to your smart phone, or plug in your treasured record player. BUY IT: Marshall, $249 and up

Planning the Wedding

Wedding planning is stressful. If you’re engaged, you already know that, right? Give the gift of serenity with a pair of personalized, ultra-soft robes and a trip for two to your favorite day spa. Use this as an opportunity to tune out all the white noise and focus on the love you share. BUY IT: Pottery Barn, $119

The Newlyweds

You’ve stored away all the new goodies gifted off your registry, and your home is starting to fall into place. What more could you possibly need? Something sentimental works every time, friends. Consider gifting your S.O. with a piece of art inspired by your honeymoon. This striking print by Gray Malin would make such a stunning edition for couples that bae-cationed in Lake Como, Italy. BUY IT: Gray Malin, $299

Traveling the World

For many, the next few years are focused on getting as many stamps on your passports as possible, together. Upgrade to a set of luxe, personalized luggage, and trek through your adventures in style. This set is crafted from lightweight, leather-like vinyl and spinning wheels — perfect for all journeys, near and far. BUY IT: Mark & Graham, $199 and up

First-Time Parents

If ever there was a time to upgrade your defective coffee maker, it’s now. Give yourself and your significant other the gift that keeps on giving with fresh-brewed caffeine via this classic, copper coffee maker. You both deserve this. You deserve this so, so much. BUY IT: Williams Sonoma, $349

Escape the Teenagers

Years have passed, and you and your partner are now the proud-parents of moody and messy teenagers. Surprise your co-parent with this chic, shiny Ultimate Travel book (and two, round-trip tickets to somewhere with salt water and sunshine!). Reconnect as a couple, and relish in the drama-free days that you so greatly deserve. BUY IT: Anthropologie, $24.99

Reclaiming the House

Eighteen years come and go, and suddenly, you are adjusting to life as empty-nesters. Use the first Valentine’s Day without the kids as an opportunity to reclaim the romance in your home — starting with the bedroom, of course. Splurge on a set of soft sheets, a luxe throw blanket and this sophisticated cream duvet. The best part? You’ll sleep easily at night knowing that no sticky fingers or careless accidents will result in stains. BUY IT: Crate & Barrel, $29.95 and up

Capture the Moment

You’ve been together for decades, and you’ve watched as your own children became adults and the parents to your grandchildren. Capture this new stage of life with a professional photoshoot that reflects the love shared among the family. Use your favorite image to create this sentimental and stylish print for your home. BUY IT: Minted, $24 and up

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