Beat the Heat! 10 of the Coolest Products for Pets

Summer is the perfect time to hit the lake, beach and park, but pet owners know it's just not the same without bringing Fido along for the ride. These 10 items will help keep your pet cool and safe through the dog days of summer.

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July 31, 2018

Get Your Drink On

Taking your four-legged friend on the go is one of the best parts of being a dog owner, but it can present multiple challenges. One challenge is having to carry an awkward dog bowl around in a desperate search for convenient water sources. This water bottle with a built-in dog bowl lets you give your furball what they need without sacrificing your style or convenience. Perfect for hikes, runs or just a quick trip downtown.

BUY IT: Uncommon Goods, $15; BUY SIMILAR: Amazon, $14.99

Time to Chill

Dogs have built-in insulation which makes cooler environments perfect. However, in the warmer months, their coats harbor heat all day long. One of the best ways to counteract overheating is to ensure your pup is getting airflow on all sides. This breathable, elevated pet bed allows them to chill inside or out, even in the dog days of summer.

BUY IT: Hayneedle, $14-$34 or Amazon, $18-$45.80

Fin-Tastic Safety Jacket

Some people find dogs in clothes adorable, while others find it, well...cringy. However, no one can deny that a dog in a life jacket is functional and cute as can be. Especially when that life jacket has a fin. That’s right! This doggy life jacket has a shark fin making your pup the bravest, safest and cutest pup in the water!

BUY IT: Amazon, $20-$22.69

Ramp It Up

Pets and pools can be a very fun combination. Though they are often better swimmers than we are, animals need an accessible option of getting out of the pool. This ramp is an inexpensive addition that keeps your pets safe while not taking up a large portion of your pool. It features corrosion-resistant hardware to keep your pool clean and easily flips out of the water when not needed. Safety note: Monitored swim and a life jacket are a winning approach for pet pool days.

BUY IT: Amazon, $40.19-$57.96

Coolest Vest You've Seen

You’re probably thinking, "Why would another layer on an already furry dog help cool them off?" It doesn’t make much sense at first thought, but once you consider that this vest reflects sun, mimics sweat’s cooling effect when wet with cool water, and features a reflective trim to ensure your dog is as visible as possible, it is a no-brainer that this vest will make your dog the safest and coolest dog around.

BUY IT: Amazon, $59.95


Stand-up paddle boards have exploded in popularity over the past few years and with good reason. They are relatively easy to master and don't require a huge investment to get out on the water. However, the best feature of a SUP board may be the ample space on the nose for a certain four-legged friend. Until now, the space was there, but the slick surface left your pup with little to hold onto. With this traction pad, a slip-free, self-adhesive and water-resistant surface awaits them.

BUY IT: Store Your Board, $29.99; BUY SIMILAR: Amazon, $29.99

Floating Through Summer

Floats are a great way to relax, and lounging just seems so much more enjoyable when paired with the weightlessness of water. You know who else loves to lounge? Your pup. This summer, give them the option of cooling off in the pool without having to swim around to stay afloat. This float is specially curated for dogs with puncture resistant mesh that protects against stains and mildew.

BUY IT: Frontgate, $69-$129

Get Those Shades

Just like humans, dogs often tend to have eye problems as they get older. Damage from the sun and harsh elements can play a large part in your pup’s eye health. This summer, as you slide your favorite shades on, don’t forget to do the same for man’s best friend. These "doggles" make it easy with elastic straps and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that block out harmful UV rays.

BUY IT: Amazon, $14.99

Paw Protection

If you’ve ever walked across a hot parking lot barefoot, it probably goes without saying that you didn’t make that mistake again. The same could be said for hot sand or even just a boat deck. The truth is, if these hot surfaces hurt our feet so much, then they are hurting our pet’s feet as well. Give your dog the protection he needs from the heat with these breathable and skid-resistant paw protectors.

BUY IT: Ultra Paws, $17.98-$23.98 or Amazon, $28.98-$63.43

I Scream, You Scream

You thought you had seen it all, but now your furry friend can enjoy one of the best parts of summer right along with you. This doggy ice cream mix is specially formulated to work well with your dog’s digestion. Keep them cool with a fraction of the calories and fat of regular ice cream while still giving them the protein and nutrition they need.

BUY IT: King Duke's, $7.95

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