Cyber Monday Madness: Online Items We Love

Skip the Black Friday chaos and kick off your holiday shopping with these great online gifts for everyone on your list.

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The Ultimate Phone Charger 

No outlet? No problem! Power up your device anywhere the sun shines with this teched-out, solar-powered charger. 

Perfect Pet Sitter

If you're a protective pet parent, this one is for you. Keep an eye on your fur babies when they're home alone with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Use your device to remotely dispense treats. You can even talk to your pets through the built-in speaker. 

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Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

A briefcase that’s actually a turntable? Can’t get much cooler than that. This lightweight record player features a three-speed portable turntable for your listening convenience. And since it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, it can be left out as an addition to your home decor. Shop them all, starting at $110; Crosley

Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock

Say goodbye to those clunky black plastic charging stations. Charge your device in rustic style. Handcrafted from natural driftwood and made in Maine by artisan Lee Goodwin, this charger serves its purpose, while also looking like a piece of art. $68; UncommonGoods

Tovolo Kiwi Tool

Fuzzy kiwi fruit is great, but the peeling is the pits. Face it, sometimes peeling and cutting simply isn’t worth the work. Stuff a stocking with this affordable 2-in-1 kiwi tool. Made by Tovolo, it’s affordable, dishwasher-safe and useful. $10; Amazon

Charging Cable and Keychain

This is the kind of keychain Inspector Gadget would have. Made by Native Union, it comes with concealed connectors, giving you access to any USB power outlet. That means you’re always prepared for those daily charging emergencies. It’s short and compact enough to fit in your pocket, but long enough to allow you to use your phone whilst charging and syncing. Any techie will love it. $29.99; Native Union

Skullcandy Barricade XL BT Speaker

Large, loud and tough. This speaker, the most rugged wireless speaker in the Skull Candy lineup, is made for the person who can be a tad hard on things. It can go up to three feet under water, boasts impact-resistant construction and has a 10-hour rechargeable battery, not to mention a clean and classic look. We think every modern household needs one. $169.99; Skullcandy

All-New Amazon Echo

Allow us to reintroduce you to Alexa. Part of the all-new Amazon Echo, Alexa comes packed with the same innovative capabilities we know and love (playing music, making calls, setting alarms, answering endless streams of questions) but now? She's got a whole new look. Pint-sized and pretty, with a new speaker and six(!) fresh design styles to pick from. This is what we call in the shopping circles a "MUST HAVE"! $99; Amazon

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Acrylic Tablet Holder

Catch up on the news or your daily soap operas while making dinner. And with your tablet tucked easily out of the way, but within view, no splatter mess or trying to work around your screen. This acrylic tablet holder by Diamond Cabinets pulls down and keeps your electronic device from harms way. It’s modern and sleek enough that it won’t stand out, but when noticed adds a touch of sophistication. $140; Diamond Cabinets

The Laser Guided Parking Attendant

No more accidentally bumping into the wall when trying to squeeze your car in the garage or hanging an unsightly tennis ball from the ceiling as a gauge. Those days are over! This motion-activated parking aide guides two cars into a garage with laser-precise driving prowess. The laser guides and LED remain lit for 15 seconds to ensure perfect parking. $49.95; Hammacher Schlemmer

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Grill Daddy Platinum Steam Brush

Forget scrubbing away until you rub blisters on your hands. Modern technology brings the power of steam cleaning to the grill brush. Instead of elbow grease, this handy brush scrubs hot grill grates clean, without all the exhausting work. Any barbecue fan will appreciate this gift, and as a bonus, it comes with a replacement brush. $59.95; Crate and Barrel

Cordless Utility Light

Can’t find an outlet but need to shed some light on the subject? Easy peasy with The Place Anywhere Cordless Utility Light. It’s cordless, bright, easy to move, provides an hour and a half of light on high or three hours on low, and comes with a removable folding steel tripod. Everyone household needs one, just in case. $99.95; Hammacher Schlemmer

The Superior Suction Roomba 860 Robotic Vacuum

Meet your new best friend. Household chores seem never ending, so give when you give this gift, you are giving ease in a way that keeps on giving. This amazing little vacuum cleaning robot has a 3-stage cleaning system and cleans on a schedule you set up. Yep. It vacuums your house for you, even if you aren’t home. It avoids stairs, navigates around furniture and boasts a high-efficiency filter that captures 99 percent of allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns. Toss that chore chart and welcome to home cleaning happiness. $499.95; Amazon

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

The world is filthy. Keep sickness at bay with this easy-to-use smartphone UV sanitizer and charger that helps zap most germs automatically. Simply place your phone inside, attach the charging cable, and close the lid. Inside, a pair of specialized, ultra-violet lights do the dirty work for you. $19.95-$59.95; UncommonGoods

Bathtub to Spa Converter

Remember the old advertisement, “Calgon, take me away?” Well, this little gem can do just that. This device converts any bathtub into a fancy spa tub in seconds. We love this device because it simply attaches to the side of a bathtub with its suction cups and circulates bath water through its dual nozzles, creating relaxing water streams that soothe like a ritzy spa treatment. Go ahead, buy one. You deserve it. Snag similar bath spa for $49; Bed Bath & Beyond

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Wifi Communicating Pet Treat Dispenser

Left Fluffy at home alone and feeling guilty? Show man’s best friend you love them, even when you aren’t home. This WiFi monitor allows you to check in on a pet from anywhere at anytime, using your smartphone or device, and remotely dispense preloaded treats. It also boasts a built-in speaker so you can communicate to your furry friend, before releasing the treat. $169; Chewy

Cord Tacos

Goodbye cord tangles! Stuff every stocking with these handy holders from CB2. Wrap ear buds, USB cables and other gadget cords into a tidy bundle secured with a single metal snap. Each variety pack includes two large tacos in navy and saddle; three small in metallic gold, navy and saddle. $29.95; CB2

5 Second Ingenio Chopper

Five seconds is all you need! This snazzy gadget by T Fal chops veggies, meats and fruits so quickly and efficiently you will question why you ever chopped without it. Perks? It requires zero electricity, is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty. $22.93; Amazon

Wired Cat Ear Headphones

Some people like discretion. Others like to make a statement. These cat ear headphones do just that. For the pal who fears being a wallflower, these headphones can allow a person to listen privately, or share your tunes with the built-in speakers. To top it off, they light up, ensuring the wearer will be the center of attention. Purrrrr-fect. $129.99; Brookstone

Magnetic Tri-Peeler

We all know how important storage is in a home. Give this handy, 3-part tool that not only covers all of your peeling needs (serrated, straight and julienne), it also fits together magnetically for compact storing. No more shuffling through drawers in search of a peeler! Makes a great hostess gift, or stocking stuffer. $12; Amazon

Solar Powered Charger + Light

What a bright idea! All you need to make and take those important phone calls is a healthy helping of vitamin D for about two hours. Shop a solar charger and light for $69; UncommonGoods

Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro

Take that one blank wall in your perfectly-styled home and turn it into a movie theater. That’s right, this super-compact contraption (easily fits in your back pocket and weighs less than a pound) projects images up to 50-inches onto any flat surface. It also boasts a built-in speaker, so you don’t need any extras. Just hook it up and get to watching your favorite flick or playing your favorite game. $149; Brookstone

Traveler's Best Friend

Delight the adventure seeker on your list with this incredible device that allows you to access your smartphone's GPS services and message with other travelers even when there is no cell service. 

Picture-Perfect Accessory

Perfect for any photographer on the go, this portable lens turns a smartphone into a professional camera. With options for fisheye, wide angle and 10x to 15x macro lenses, this tiny tool makes a great gift for every traveler. 

Wrinkles Be Gone

Smooth out those pesky wrinkles on the go with this compact travel iron that's the perfect size for even the smallest of luggage. 

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A Field Guide

Wildsam sells curated field guides for specific American cities or regions. The guides include the essential stops for food and drink, historical anecdotes, hand-drawn maps, local interviews, album suggestions by bands from that city, literary memoirs and much more. A field guide would make the perfect gift for someone who has a trip planned and wants to get to know a city better before visiting. $18; Wildsam

Photo By: Wildsam

Framed Push Pin World Map

This world map with a reclaimed wood frame from Wayfaren would simply be a beautiful art piece to hang on a wall, but the ability to add push pins to places you’ve been or want to go makes it a unique, purposeful gift for the wanderluster in your life. Starting at $130; Wayfaren

Photo By: Wayfaren

Compression Socks

Compression socks make a great practical gift for the frequent flier in your life. Getting sufficient blood flow to the legs and feet is difficult on flights, especially long ones. Compression socks can help with circulation, and Rejuva Health offers several styles that are actually fashionable, too. $29.99; Rejuvahealth

Photo By: Rejuva Health

Surprise 3-Day Weekend Trip

For the person who values experiences over gifts, the company Pack Up + Go has the perfect gift. Pack Up + Go plans surprise trips. They allow you to pick your dates, budget and some destination preferences, and then they handle the rest. They send you an envelope right before you leave with the name of your trip destination on it. A spontaneous trip would also make a great gift for that person "who has everything." Gift trips start at $100; Pack Up + Go

Photo By: Pack Up and Go

Camera Bag

For the traveler who is also a photographer, a good camera bag is an essential. ONA sells leather and canvas bags that are both stylish and sturdy. This classic leather one, called The Bowery, would make any photographer happy. This year, $10 from every bag purchased on our website supports grants for emerging storytellers through ONA's Storytelling Fund. 249; ONA

Photo By: ONA

Insulated Bottle

Staying hydrated while traveling is important, and this Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle can help any traveler do just that. This bottle is especially ideal for outdoor lovers who need liquids to stay hot or cold for long periods of time. This one keeps contents hot for 24 hours or iced for 90 hours. $36.95; Klean Kanteen

Photo By: D. Scott Clark

Off-the-Grid Communication Device

Perfect for trips where cell service is limited, such as remote camping locations or crowded festivals, goTenna is a new device that allows you to message with other travelers and use GPS on your smartphone even when you don't have cell service. Originally $149, the 2-pack is currently on sale. $124; goTenna

Photo By: goTenna

Compression Sack

From Gobi Gear, The SegSac Traveler, formerly known as The Hoboroll, is a compression sack that has five internal segments to keep all of your belongings organized. It can convert to a day bag with the clip of a shoulder strap (sold separately). It'd be perfect for someone who loves hiking, camping, festivals or beach trips. $39.99; Gobi Gear

Photo By: Gobi Gear

City Map Print

Whether the recipient has hometown pride or a favorite city to visit, one of these minimalist map prints from Native Maps would make the perfect wall art to showcase their love for a particular place. Available in a range of colors, the maps include the specific neighborhoods within that city that natives will surely recognize. $30; Native Maps

Photo By: Native Maps

Touchscreen Gloves

When on-the-go in winter weather, taking gloves on and off can create a hassle. For the traveler who likes to stay connected, consider giving touchscreen gloves like these neutral gray ones from Glider Gloves. $29.99; Glider Gloves

Photo By: Glider Gloves

Subscription to Try Food Around the World

Try the World offers a subscription that allows you to discover the world through food without leaving the house. Each month, they send a box of curated gourmet food products, including ingredients to cook with, drinks and snacks from a certain location, such as Italy (pictured). Prices vary depending on the length of description. $39 (single box) or $35/each (three boxes over three months); Try the World

Photo By: Try the World

4-in-1 Attachable Lens

For the travel photographer on-the-go, lugging around a full-sized digital camera, plus different lenses can be cumbersome. For some trips, smartphone photography is the way to go. To help maximize your phone's camera, Olloclip offers a variety of attachable camera lenses. This 4-in-1 lense has options for fisheye, wide angle, 10x macro and 15x macro lenses. $79.99; Olloclip

Photo By: Courtesy of olloclip

Portable Iron

For the business travelers in your life, this portable iron will keep them wrinkle-free and stress-free. This Collar Perfect iron is compact and adjustable, allowing for easy touch-ups. $34.95; Collar Perfect

Photo By: The Grommet

Aromatherapy Anywhere

Nothing relieves stress like some old-fashioned aromatherapy. This stylish diffuser can turn any room in your home into a haven of relaxation. 

Picks for the Beauty Lover

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Store Your Stuff

Dry shampoo to the rescue! This chic and witty zip pouch is perfect for storing makeup, jewelry, hair accessories and more. Plus, it's made of 100-percent natural canvas so you can get eyeshadow all over it then clean it with ease. $29; Jac Vanek

Photo By: Jac Vanek

Beauty Sleep

This luxurious silk sleep mask was perfected over the course of 10 years to ensure it delivers the most restorative beauty rest. Crafted from long-strand mulberry silk both inside and out, it protects delicate skin from the tugging effects of tossing and turning. $45; Anthropologie

Photo By: Anthropologie

Gold Finish

An Italian-made travel comb with a polished gold finish is the ultimate accessory for beauty gurus on the go. $32;

Photo By: Net-a-Porter

Perfect Selfie Lighting

Kim Kardashian's selfies are notoriously flawless. Now we have her secret! Designed by Kim and developed by a professional photographer, the LuMee case features LED lighting on both the left and right sides of the case, creating the perfect lighting for selfies and photos with friends. Time on makeup = well spent! $69.95; Urban Outfitters

Photo By: Urban Outfitters

Elegant Touch-Ups

This gold and enamel compact mirror is glamorous and elegant with a simple reminder to leave all inhibitions behind. $30; Kate Spade

Photo By: Kate Spade

Pillow of Nails

Save yourself the time and money by bringing those healing acupuncture principles home. This comfortable pillow features more than 2,000 spikes, ensuring you're treated to the benefits of acupuncture-inspired technology wherever you may be. $40; Anthropologie

Photo By: Anthropologie

Chic Display

Store more than 30 makeup items while watching your favorite YouTube tutorials, thanks to a built-in tablet and smartphone stand. Now, this is how you perfect the cat eye, my friends. $64.99+; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

Pucker Up

This mug features the drawings of the Chanel lipstick case patent from 1952. The beauty and coffee addict in your life will love this fun piece of history. $15.99+; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

Peaceful Living

Transform your home with soothing aromatherapy that will slowly wash your workday stress away. $99.99; Macy's

Photo By: Macy's

Sweet Set

This beauty tools cookie cutter set couldn't be any more adorable. Whether your beauty-loving friend is a pro stylist or simply loves opening a tube of fresh lipstick, this set is too sweet. $6.99; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

Try a New Look

If you thought you had every hue, think again. This 130-piece palette has everything you need for a truly complete makeup look. With more than 80 shades of eyeshadow and 20 shades of lip gloss, you can try something different almost every single day. $49.50; Sephora

Photo By: Sephora

Safe and Sound

Every beauty lover needs her accessories to be clean, organized and in order. This simple, structured leather zip pouch does just that. This tiny pouch is designed to hold brushes, pencils, lipstick and other small beauty accessories safely in a tote or handbag. $45; Leatherology

Photo By: Leatherology

Set the Mood

Why get just one candle when you can have five? No matter your mood, Diptyque's mini candle set will create the perfect ambiance for date night, wine night or Netflix-binge night. $75; Nordstrom

Photo By: Nordstrom

Glam It Up

Some people have a strict beauty regiment, while others love experimenting with the hottest, new products on the market. If you're the latter, then you'll love the ipsy Glam Bag — an affordable, monthly service that delivers five curated beauty products straight to your mailbox in an adorable cosmetic bag. $10/month; ipsy

Photo By: Ipsy (via @oscaryperdomo)

Lipstick Savers

Stop scrawling your favorite shade of lipstick on restaurant napkins and bathroom mirrors. These adorable highlighters are disguised as bold shades of lipstick, so they're perfect for keeping in thought-provoking locations. $9.10; Amazon

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