10 Gifts to Buy Man's Best Friend for National Dog Day

Unconditional loyalty and constant cheerfulness are hard to find, but one person — well, animal — is always there: your dog. They don’t ask for anything but are always giving you love and attention. There’s no better time to repay your happy hounds than National Dog Day (August 26th). These 10 presents are sure to make their tails wag.

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Fur-ever Friends

Take the classic friendship bracelets one step further with a matching collar and bracelet combo for you and your fave furball. With a variety of options in size and color, there’s a set just as unique as you and your pet.

$35; friendshipcollar.com

Dog's Eye View

Ever wonder what your dog does all day? We’ve all envied an animal’s life at one point or another, and giving your dog the chance to be their own amateur director with the help of a GoPro will provide you with a whole new perspective.

$39; orvis.com

See Spot Run

You’ve been putting off heading to the gym or hitting the treadmill for months because you’re "tired" but your own pet is probably a bundle of energy. Encourage them to exert a little bit of that vitality on their own treadmill like the personal trainer you are.

$999; amazon.com

Sweet Treats

Holidays are the perfect excuse for a little indulgence. Bring Fido breakfast in bed and treat him to these diet-friendly donuts. These look so good that you’ll definitely debate taking a bite for yourself.

From $3.95; etsy.com

So Fetch

If your pitch is weak or you’re not feeling as physical as your pup needs, you can launch tennis balls with the help of a cannon. It’s almost like hitting the court with a ball and a racket, and who makes a better doubles partner than man’s best friend

$23; chewy.com

Mind Games

Finally, you can prove that your dog is actually smarter than most honor students. This handy IQ treat ball tests their thinking skills and gives them a little bit of extra mental stimulation.

$5.89; petguys.com

Lounge Around

Naptime calls! Your dogs' bed deserves to be just as nice as yours, and this memory-foam lounger will have you feeling a little envious of their cozy, restful nap spot.

From $69.95; overstock.com

Paw Protection

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? Not only are these tiny boots a fashion statement, they also provide an extra layer of defense from the perils of snow, rain or any other environmental factors.

$10.62; petsmart.com

On the Go H2O

Drink up anywhere, anytime. Nope, that’s not your wine policy. It’s your new motto when it comes to hitting the trails and traveling with your canine bestie. These collapsible bowls make it simple to stay hydrated.

$2.69; petco.com

Just Fur You

Diva dogs will absolutely love this luxurious coat, especially considering it won’t shed. Drape them in the finest and fanciest of pint-sized faux furs. They deserve it.

$24.50; frontgate.com

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